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Alice Walker is has been rumored to be a vegetarian writer, novelist, poet, and feminist

Alice Walker is a famous African American writer who wrote the novel, "The Color Purple." She is proud feminist. Walker's famous quote, "The animals of the world exists for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men."


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That Alice Walker quote is taken out of context. It's from Walker's preface to Marjorie Spiegel's book "The Dreaded Comparison," and it's a summary of Spiegel's argument. The very next sentence is, "This is the gist of Ms. Spiegel's cogent, humane and astute argument, and it is sound."

Ms. Walker is obviously a profoundly talented writer, but her personal life is a disaster. She had a kid, but preferred to abandon her to galavant around the globe, dancing with natives and making speeches, then leaving, both of which are superficial in their impact. She bought puppies instead of adopting from nonprofits or the pound, despite knowing that the nonprofits/pound could get her any kind of puppy she desired... and despite her commenting anthropomorphically that buying from a puppy mill/for-profit store was no different than buying a slave... she's just like Whoopi Goldberg: screw the animals that are already available for loving homes because she wants what she wants, and screw the breeders and progeny from puppy mills that produced her puppy, that live under indescribably inhumane conditions, as long as she selfishly gets what she wants, because after all, she is "special," dontchaknow. She gets chickens and leaves them with neighbors. Personally, I feel that her compassion is superficial because she doesn't follow through with responsible personal behavior, whether it's her abandoned kid, chickens, dogs, dietary restrictions or anything else. She just likes to be superficially fashionable and doesn't follow through in her personal life with her lofty espoused ideals. When you have a child, you have to change. Too bad if you don't like it or if it hems in your freedom. It was your responsibility... dogs and chickens, too. She has left a disaster everywhere in her wake, like Daisy from The Great Gatsby. I don't care how gifted she is, and she is gifted... She is a selfish being who causes as much harm as good. Incredible writer, irresponsible woman.

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