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Cow and fans with the final buzz for '15. Please enjoy and share widely!

A global shift towards plant food (drastically reducing meat consumption) is vital to saving the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change - United Nations
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Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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... to the best vegan food hubs and festivals! This month we take you to Portland VegFest and sample decadent comfort cuisine; show you highlights from Costa Mesa's successful SoCal VegFest; and share photos of friends having fun at Berlin Veggie World.

Berlin Veggie World
Happy Birthday Cow

This month marks our 16th year on the web! Thanks to you and gentle folk everywhere, we're showing the world that it's possible to choose compassion and sustainability.
With your help in 2015 HappyCow has continued to thrive. We're now in the midst of a site re-design (to be unveiled early 2016).
Additionally, together we:
• Moved to a faster more reliable server
• Released major updates for our Android & iPhone mobile apps & added 9 languages
• Added 9,800+ new listings to our guide
• Received 29,000+ new business reviews
• Uploaded 39,000+ new photos to listings
• Signed-on 21,000+ new members
• Recruited more staff to help maintain our database of restaurants, stores, and recipes
• Managed an Ambassador program with 170+ volunteers
• Continued to establish an international presence at veg events with our Cow Mascot
• Filmed video highlights of veg festivities globally
• Published weekly blog articles plus a monthly vegin' out newsletter, MooZine
• Supported veg restaurants and businesses worldwide
• Received veggie award "Favorite Vegetarian Website 2015," our 9th consecutive year win

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Vegan Good Life
Tudore Tranquility
Tudore Tranquility - Tokyo
New vegetarian restaurant providing a carefully-designed and refined gourmet dining experience. reviews >
Vegan Bites
Vegan Bites - Las Vegas
New vegan bakery and coffeehouse whipping up daily treats, fresh breads, and celebration cakes. reviews >
Golden Lotus Vegan
Golden Lotus Vegan - Sydney
New restaurant in Newtown making Southeast Asian classics even better in vegan versions. reviews >
Etnosvet - Prague
New vegetarian restaurant whose international culinary team specializes in rich fusion cuisine. reviews >
Saras - Bangkok
Two restaurants in the capital and one in Pattaya serving up tasty Indian meals and snacks. reviews >
Lola Rosa Park
Lola Rosa - Montreal
A spacious veggie restaurant featuring modern comfort cuisine like luscious burgers with fresh cut fries. reviews >
DrinkabiliTea Cafe
DrinkabiliTea Cafe - The Woodlands
Grab an organic tempeh or tofu sandwich, sip on Chinese tea, and relax. reviews >
Vegan Mania
Vegan Mania - Paris
100% vegan beauty care and natural cosmetics shop, in the city since January '15. reviews >
Community bulletin

* Shout-out to SuperCow Ambassadors Karla in Australia,
Jimmy in Singapore, and Jon in France.
* Thank-you to our entire team of volunteers. We appreciate your dedication in making our global guide comprehensive. Please continue to send updates for all the places in your city and the new restaurants you try.
* Congratulations to Moby on opening Little Pine restaurant in Los Angeles. A long-time vegan who uses HappyCow whenever on tour, Moby graciously invited us for a scrumptious lunch. Go say 'hi' and enjoy a rustic, Italian sandwich.

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news headlines
Dutch scientists debut plant-based steak
Study: eating plant food leads to lower death rate in kidney patients
Processed meat sale in the U.K. dropped after recent World Health Organization report linking it to cancer
Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly suggests eating less meat to help the planet
Champagne company goes vegan
GM crops now banned in 38 countries
French supermarket launches vegetarian line of products
U.S. Pro football player gone vegan and feeling good
Peace and Peas. Your participation makes our service possible.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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