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Switching to a diet free of meat, dairy, and egg saves more carbon emissions than driving an reduced energy car like the Toyota Prius. How much more? 50% more!
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Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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It's festival season, and veg foodies everywhere getting together to enjoy compassionate cuisine, music, and fun. Browse our calendar to see what's happening in your area. Find meet-ups, potlucks, and veg events like The Festival of Love music and art fest (June) or the Animal Rights Conference (July).

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Exhibit: Light in Dark Places

"Anti-Vivisection from the Victorian Era to Modern Day" is currently on exhibit at the Museum of Animal Society. Learn about the brave hearts who spoke out for the animals.

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Please enjoy this video clip from Doogtoon -
"Weird Al" Yankovic: The Mystery of Meat

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The HappyCow Cookbook features original recipes from the world's top-rated vegan restaurants. Read Q&A with restaurateurs and see the mouthwatering recipes with full color photos.


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restaurants and stores
Ariya Organic Cafe - Bangkok
Wellness center and cafe dedicated to promoting healthful cuisine that taste great. info >
Zrno Bio Bistro - Zagreb
Organic vegan restaurant applying macrobiotic principles to its cooking and baking. info >
Un Monde Vegan
Un Monde Vegan - Paris

The ultimate vegan and vegetarian grocery destination in the City of Love. info >

Chaostheorie - Berlin
Fully vegan cocktail bar and cafe offering yummy beverages and comforting food. info >
Carmo - New Orleans
This popular tropical cafe features traditionally-inspired dishes and caters well for vegans. info >
Health Essential
Health Essentials - Hong Kong
Superstore in Central offering a large stock of natural and green products imported from the US. info >
Salsa's Taco Bar
Salsa's Taco Bar - Santa Cruz
Vegan chimichangas and flautas are on the separate vegan menu at this Mexican restaurant. info >
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Central America

* Big shout-out this month's SuperCow ambassadors Andy in Malaysia, Nate in Utah, and Walter in China. Thanks also to Cow ambassadors and members in all regions for helping to keep our global guide up-to-date.
* Carly shares this animated video depicting the truth about how animals on factory farms live.
* Dinesh offers his eating tips for traveling Central America.
* Michele's 6 reasons NOT to give up your vegan diet.
* Joellen invites all to learn about Worldly Wags, a non-profit in India dedicated to promoting welfare animals.
* Go on a gastro adventure with Tricia to PepplesDonut Farm.
* Vegan & love nature? Property caretakers/helpers wanted.

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