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Contact +33-142774958

64 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Paris, France, 75003

Un Monde Vegan, meaning "a vegan world," is a 100% vegan retail shop in Paris as well as an online store. It features a wide range of products including packaged and chilled foods, faux meats, vegan cheese, snacks and chocolates. Also has nutritional supplements, food for animals, eco-friendly cleaning and bodycare products. Established since 2009. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm.

Reviews (47)

First Review by Aurelia

Thanks for the shopping - Edit

When traveling I always seek out to try new veganspots and may I say - Un Monde Vegan is a great grocery store for vegan snacks, food items plus vegan "meat" and "dairy" items. If you are in the neighbourhood I recommend you go there, but be aware of the opening hours, since theu unfortunately were closed 2/3 times I went.


Pros: All the different items

Cons: The difficult opening hours

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umv 29 Dec 2016 - Hello,

I am sorry you find our shop closed when you came. Our Opening hours are from monday to saturday from 10am to 8pm. We are only closed on bank holidays and sundays.

Kind regards,

Great Place for your Vegan needs - Edit

I've been countless times to Un Monde Vegan.

It's a great place for doing your vegan groceries, as you can find pretty much everything (but fresh produce): charcuteries, cheeses, frozen foods, milks, basic cosmetics, etc.

The counter service is always friendly, but the place can get a bit crowded sometimes, because it's rather small (especially when they organize events like book signing, tasting, etc.).

Pros: vegan supermarket!, location, product variety

Cons: not large enough

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Worth The Stop - Edit

I love checking out grocery stores while traveling internationally. When they are vegan that makes it all the more fun. There were SO many choices food options from all throughout Europe and beyond. Even if you're just passing through Paris it's worth the stop. I purchased so many fun new things to try.

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Amazing - Edit

Had nearly every kind of vegan food item you can think of. Plus they had thermal bags so I could take some vegan cheese back to Chicago with me.

Pros: Loads of vegan food. Only vegan food.

Cons: In a foreign country (for a Chicagoan anyway).

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Great vegan shop - Edit

Very important place for vegans in Paris. Best choice of any vegan products. You can find many different kinds of tofu, seitan, chicken, tuna, cheeses, milk - all are vegan. Also there are superfoods, pasta, wonderful ice cream "Professor Grunschnabel" and many other things.

Pros: Large choice

Cons: Location

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Le magasin vegan par excellence - Edit

L'espace est petit, mais c'est un concentré de produits vegan parfois difficiles à trouver en dehors d'internet.
Le côté "engagé" du gérant est le petit plus :)

Pros: Beaucoup de produits, Pas mal de choix

Cons: Pas beaucoup d'espace

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Best place to shop for vegan groceries - Edit

This supermarket has almost everything a vegan could want. The prices can be a little expensive but considering it's almost impossible to find a lot of the stuff they stock elsewhere in Paris or even France it is worth it. Has a good selection of vegan meats, cheeses etc as well as bulk bags of seitan (vital wheat gluten), textured soy protein etc and lots of other vegan and health food products!

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So much fun going shopping here - Edit

This is a fabulous place. There are loads of different products, many of which I'd never even heard of before. And they also sell lots of artisan cheeses made in Paris. Oh and croissants and pain au chocolat. Basically, a dream come true.

Pros: Lots of specialty foods, Artisan vegan cheese , Croissants and pain au chocolat

Cons: Closed on Sunday

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Amazing Store - Edit

This is a dream come true! I've never been in a vegan store before. It is amazing all the things you can buy there without worrying! I went there for my first visit to Paris in November 2014.
I bought some products only because I was affraid I couldn't take them with me on the plain back home!
I recommend it!

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Great! - Edit

I was able to order all my groceries and have them delivered to my home. I ordered my food on Saturday night and received it on Wednesday morning. They offer pretty much anything you can think of and it's all very delicious. I am a customer for life after trying them out with my first purchase and it isn't super expensive. All Vegan.

Pros: All vegan!

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lovely vegan store - Edit

it is so great to have a store dedicated to only vegan items. discover many cheeses, superfoods, candies, etc here. it's a bit on the expensive side and i noticed some items that they have can also be found in general organic stores around paris for a bit less pricy, but un monde vegan is nonetheless the place to go for anything vegan. the ice cream they sell is delicious by the way !
Updated from previous review on Wednesday December 02, 2015

Pros: large choices, only vegan items

Cons: a bit expensive

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Nice stock of vegan essentials - Edit

This place is pretty cool, small, but definitely contains a lot of great stuff. I was surprised that they didn't have any milk alternative (soy, almond, etc...) when I came, I was hoping they would so I could add it to coffee while I was in Paris, but not a big deal. What they lacked in soy milk, they definitely made-up for with vegan cheeses! I've never seen so many vegan cheeses in my life! Un Monde also has a lot of delicious junk food, like Vego bars (a MUST try), other candies, cookies, crackers, etc.

Pros: Vegan cheese

Cons: No milk alternatives

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Amazing store! - Edit

This store has every substitute a vegan could possibly want: countless veggie burgers, vegan cheeses, even fake shrimp!
I personally enjoyed the sweets section where you can find chocolate bars very similar to bounty, snickers etc., as well as many nut butters.
They even sell vegan pet food, cook books, make-up and vitamins.

Pros: everything vegan, lots of choice, friendly staff

Cons: a little pricey for some goods

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Un Monde Vegan :) - Edit

I was very curious about going there and prepared to find a small place, but even though, I got a little "disappointed"... I mean, there are a lots of things that you can see in their website but it's out of stock... (Well, I kinda understand). But I advice you, if you really want to buy something specific: you should write them first to ask about it :)
Anyway, it's 100% Vegan, you can find great things, regular prices, and we need more stores like that :) Everywhere!!!
Updated from previous review on Saturday June 20, 2015

Pros: Vegan, Bio

Cons: out of stock

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We need one everywhere!!! - Edit

EXCELLENT variety of vegan meats and cheeses. High quality products. The service was great, which included someone helping us pick a wide selection of products we couldn't get back at our homes.

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All Vegan Market - Edit

I would love to have this shop next door for all vegan treats such as croissants, frozen pizzas and ice-cream. Great variety - you can find a vegan option of almost any food you can imagine. Also a variety of "junk" foods, which in a vegan version are not that bad ;) I like to also get a flours from there as they have many gluten free ones.

Pros: Variety

Cons: Location

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Vegans' paradise! - Edit

Un Monde Vegan was the first vegan shop in France, sells its products online or on site. I've tried both distribution channels and was never disappointed. They have a huge choices of vegan faux-meat, vegan cheese, sweets... and all that a vegan needs. Don't miss it!

Pros: huge range of vegan food and stuff, online orders, location

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Super - Edit

Magasin idéal pour découvrir les fromages vegan et imitations de viande. On y trouve également une large gamme de produits sans gluten, de la nourriture pour les animaux, des cosmétiques, produits d'entretien et chaussures.

Pros: Beaucoup de choix, Bon rapport qualité/prix, Personnel agréable

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Great for visiting vegans - Edit

Loved going to all-vegan store while visiting Paris on vacation. They have a great selection of vegan cheeses that you can't get in the USA - Sheese, Cheesly, Vegusto - vegan milk chocolate, and more. Eat some Vegusto or Sheese with a baguette while in Paris - you won't regret it.

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excellent - Edit

i m glad to see this place nicely filling up everyday :) they got all what vegan s need and expand their choice as time goes. also they reward with gift depending on amount spent - which is great to discover other products.

Pros: full on vegan, friendly and knowledgable staff

Cons: not open everyday

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Vegan Supermarket - Edit

This is a great place in Paris if you need vegan processed food. It has a wide choice of veggie-meat, veggie-cheese and "milk"-chocolate, that hard-to-find kind of comfy food ! There is also a small corner with shoes and t-shirts.
The great advantage is that you don't have to read the labels : it's all vegan !!

Pros: All vegan food, The choice !, Friendly staff

Cons: A little expensive...

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Great for self catering - Edit

It was a pleasure to go somewhere and not have to search out the vegan options. I was staying in an apartment so I was self catering. I tried their dessert, quick food options and I loved their selection of vegan cheeses. They also have vegetarian shoes and cleaning detergents etc. They were perfect on a baguette. The staff were nice and gave me a free vegan "sausage."

Pros: nice staff, range of food types

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hooray! - Edit

Our hotel in Paris was very close to this store, so of course we had to come here and try the vegan store!
The range of selection is okay. They have lots of different cheeses (great on baguette!) and raw snacks/nut balls etc, which were great. They could stock up on whole foods though and spreads. Lots of processed fake-food like burgers etc. you can also buy in a (organic) supermarket.
We've shopped here twice for picknicks (we bought baguettes and wine in the supermarket on the other side of the street).
On our second trip, the staff (speaks English btw) gave us two pounds (!) of fake cheese and a pound of organic cacao powder for free, because they were almost expired! Awesome!

Pros: location, friendly and English-speaking staff

Cons: range of selection could be improved

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Makes being vegan in Paris a lot easier! - Edit

This shop is one of it's kind in Paris! Vegan travelers looking for something to go with your Parisian baguettes, this is the place for you! You can make a veganized Le Parisien baguette with faux-jambon, faux-fromage, egg free mayo & [lots of] crudites, and even have some faux gras! For vegan Parisians, with limited time for cooking (metro-boulot-dodo), this place is a life saver. Everything in here is 100% vegan & cruelty free. No need to waste precious time scrutinizing the labels. Many of the products are also organic. They have a large selection of delicious vegan chocolates, vegan vitamins (D & B12) as well as a selection of vegan shoes and tees. Personally I'm not a big fan of soy based simili carnes (faux meat/meat substitute products), but on occasions when I am too lazy to cook from scratch, this is the place to stock my fridge. I say that, but keep in mind, it is my JOB to cook from scratch all day long. Needless to say, the major perk with that is I get to eat it too! Had that not been the case, I would have been stocking up my fridge here more often.

Pros: Products chosen with care, Selection , Location

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Adore this place - Edit

I'm so thankful for this store and I have no idea how I'd get most of my speciality dishes done without it. I love the selection of cheeses, croissants, pain au chocolate, cereals, pastas, MAKE UP! They sell a brand that i love- Beauty without cruelty, their fake meats are divine. I've even bought a few meals, like the wraps but they're pricey and I really only wanted to see what it would taste like. It's also got to be the only place in Paris that sells tempeh. I love this store.

Pros: Vegan Heaven, Make Up, Croissants

Cons: Small, Expensive

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Great!! - Edit

I'm was so happy to find out that finally there is a vegan shop opened in Paris!
There are many options for the chocolate, cheese and faux-meat. The only weak thing could be a poor choice of the cloths and accessories.

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The only all vegan shop I've seen - Edit

I was pretty excited to have a look in here and it took me a while to make my way all the way around this pretty small shop. Their products range from shoes to sunscreen but mostly focuses on food, from chocolate spread to fake cheese. I really like this place and wish there was something like it where I live in Australia but only time will change that.
A lot of it's pretty ridiculously expensive without having to be, like the cocoa powder in a jar. But it's good for the things I will be buying before I go like some croissants or pain au chocolat, large amount of chocolate chips, cookies, quinoa etc ooo and a delicious rice chocolate milk.

One thing I've been disappointed about when visiting health/bio & vegan shops in Paris is how hard it is to find unsweetened plant based milks especially almond when it's so easy in Australia. Nothing against this store probably just the country in general.

Overall a great store, practical with lots of variety packed in, convenient location and has eftpos :)

Pros: All vegan!, Friendly service, EFTPOS available

Cons: moderately expensive, can't think of anything else

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The ONLY vegan store in Paris - Edit

Just : thank you for existing !
Love the "Faux Gras" this winter !
Vegan cheeses are always good to have on-hand, I'm glad to be able to find the at Un Monde Vegan !
I would love some more vegan snacks, like cereals bars or kale crisps !

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YAY! - Edit

Very happy to find this shop in Paris. It is not convenient for me location-wise but it is awesome and worth the trip!

Pros: variety, are you kidding? VEGAN stuff in PARIS, Not just pre-packaged stuff

Cons: Hours, Location

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The vegan store in Paris - Edit

In Paris you can found eight vegan restaurants, but loking for shops and stores, this is the only in this big city..and in all France. The owner couple brings yoy varied vegan food, clothes, shoes, accesories as belts, etc, all made withoth cruenty for animals.

Pros: Full vegan, Varied products

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Well worth a visit - Edit

Brilliant to be able to buy anything in this shop without any need for label reading!

Lots of refridgerated vegan cheese and mock meats from several manufacturers as well as general food items. A good range of sweets and chocolates including Goody Good Stuff and Go Max ans Sweet William bars. They have a gluten-free area and sell cleaning products and dog food.

Do note that they have moved to a shop further along the street (and on opposite side of the road) from where some previous reviewers describe and have a nice brightly lit shop front now.

Pros: 100% vegan! No need to read labels, Loads of choice, Products from various countries

Cons: Some items were out of stock

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Haven for vegans - Edit

Given that Paris struggles to produce a top quality vegetarian/vegan, it is strange that it has so many stores selling vegan produce and this is the best of them all. Of course, good vegetarian food is based around fruit and vegetables, which can be obtained from any shop or supermarket. But the vegan extras, the faux meats, cheeses, ready meals, the soya chunks etc. are much harder to find and Un Monde Vegan has one of the best selections I have ever seen anywhere. It eschews some of the better-known brands, such as Bjorg, that are commonly found in supermarkets, but otherwise brings in products from around the world and even allows some bulk buying.

Unlike one of the reviewers, we found the shopkeeper very friendly and helpful, speaking English if required. The shop is not tiny but it is not huge either; on the day we were there, it was doing a healthy trade - someone even arrived in a taxi so there must be a market. Highly recommended.

Pros: All vegan, Wide selection, Friendly staff

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Vegan essentials à Paris - Edit

If you're looking for substitute meat and dairy products, meat-free animal foods, a pair of high-heeled boots or a belt to hold up your trousers, this is the place to go. It's a small shop with a good selection of processed vegan comfort-food products, fake meats, cheeses, veggie spreads etc. Most of the fake meat products we've tried are very tasty. We're still working our way through the large selection of cheeses they have, which has been a bit of hit and miss affair (avoid buying Cheezly Cheshire - it smells and tastes like bubble gum). Most of the products are very reasonably priced and the staff are friendly and informative.Highly recommend stop for vegan shopping.

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Best Vegan Shop in Paris - Edit

This is one of the few strict vegan shops in Paris. You can find all kinds of products. This is also well located and prices are not high which I very uncommon in Paris. Certainly a good place to shop at.

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great stuff - Edit

A great place to find the hard to find vegan items. They have marshmallows, Go Max Foods chocolate bars (and a bunch of other brands), vegusto cheese, whip cream, chocolate spread etc and some vegan shoes

Pros: has hard to find items , vegan chocolate, vegan treats

Cons: small stores

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Vegan Boutique Brimming with Convenience Foods - Edit

For those vegans who don't mind a bit of processed food every now and again, Un Monde Vegan is a little slice of heaven in Paris. This is the place to find faux fromages, fake meats in endless varieties, non-leather shoes (though not particularly fashionable ones), meat-free pet food, and non-dairy sweet things, including white chocolate bars and peanut butter cups. Gluten-sensitive shoppers will appreciate the sizable inventory of gluten-free baking mixes and other supplies.

The only downside is the size of the boutique--it's small!--though this space is temporary and the new location on the same street will be larger. Also, while the sales staff (all women the day I went) were helpful, the owner sitting behind the counter is a dark and broody fellow who isn't very approachable. Still, this store is a much-needed and very welcome addition to the Parisian vegan scene.

Pros: Excellent selection of fake meat/cheese, Good variety , Relatively affordable

Cons: Off the beaten path a bit, Owner working register is unapproachable, Primarily processed foods

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