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814 N Hwy A1A, Melbourne, USA

Forget Big Island, these are Big Burritos!

Absolutely enormous sizes on the burritos for the average price of $6-7. Trust me when I say that you could easily cut these in half and eat them for two meals. The atmosphere is that of a beach cabana, and is a short walk across A1A to the beach. The waitress we had was really nice, and completely understanding of my vegan restrictions. Next time I come down here for a visit, Big Island is a definite stop.

13026 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown, USA

It's Always On The Way

Being on PA Ave. is a huge advantage why I stop here, as opposed to some of the other places. They don't stock anything particularly different, but the location makes it fast and easy. The clerks are super nice as well, always smiling!

9 E Patrick St, Frederick, USA

So tasty!

Very welcoming atmosphere, with wait staff that is willing and patient with newbies to Ethiopian food. If you are not familiar with the food, they offer many vegan/veg options that are too tasty to be legal. Also offers many African/foreign beers! A great place for camaraderie.

55 W Oak Ridge Dr, Hagerstown, USA

Glimmer of hope in an otherwise un-veggie town

Maybe that title is a bit harsh, Hagerstown is becoming more open to different food options.

VPC is great. Always have vegan and vegetarian options, with many different varieties of food everyday. The owner/cook is constantly experimenting so, you can be assured some amazing creations. They also do catering! Past 2 times I've eaten there, they haven't had any vegan sweets, though they tell me they make them often.

562 Northern Ave, Hagerstown, USA

Emphasis on the Vitamin

My wife and I just discovered this place after some friends of ours made me a basket of goodies for my birthday. This is where they came to procure the various vegan treats. It has any number of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc goods but has more an emphasis on the vitamin section. The problem is, this is next to a gym, so their main customer is someone looking to supplement their workout. Still, it has some different things besides that of other local "health food" stores. Definitely a benefit when you are craving, and one or the other is out!

1811 14th St NW, Washington, USA

Great for before or after a show

This is located inside the Black Cat, which is a great music venue/bar. I always get excited when a band plays there because I know either beforehand or afterwards I'm going to get a great vegan meal. Even though this is inside the venue, you don't have to pay to enter--just tell them you are going to the cafe, which is off to the left of the main entrance. Cooks are always friendly, and will recommend food if you are wavering on what to get.

100 N Queen St, Martinsburg, USA

My new favorite place

I was actually contacted via Facebook by one of the owners of the restaurant. Made a special trip down, and I definitely was not let down. All of the food was amazingly fresh, and you could tell it was handmade and not from a can. The owner I talked to is a strict vegetarian so he understands and will makes sure there are tons of veggie/vegan options on the menu.

Saying this is a Chipotle-style restaurant only goes so far as you can say what you want on your food. The quality is far superior, and the flavors are much more vibrant.

Daily, weekly and monthly specials also happen so pay attention for some great deals.

1650 C Wesel Blvd, Hagerstown, USA

24 hour organic food

If you are in a bind, or just want to shop at a supermarket to please even the non-vegs of the house, Martin's is a great place. Their "organic" section is a mixture of vegan, veg, gluten-free, organic, healthy selections. Many name brands are represented.

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