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Model for: Tans 2 Go Everything and anything is possible. So...I've found what I want. I've found my complete and true passion in life. Animal Liberation. I want to work for PETA traveling around as a campaigner educating people about animals and how the things they do everyday could be causing animals suffering, sadness, and their life. I love to model. It's an art and ya gotta have the talent. It's not about being pretty! Your body is a form of art, its a business, its an advertisment for selling things. Hopefully soon I will get my big hit in a commercial, magzine makeup ad, or clothing line! What I believe without question: Going to circus's with animals means your applauding animal cruelty, animal fair activites like pig races-pony rides-and petting zoos are just plain stupid and wrong, eating meat IS murder, eating dairy is making an animal live a hell on earth life before being killed for slaughter, wearing leather-fur-silk-wool is cruel and heartless and useless and unfashionable..your wearing dead animal skin people...really? Go fake. I believe leaving your dog chained up for most his/her life is animal cruelty..I highly doubt your dog would want to be chained its whole life...not really a life. Keeping animals in cages..dogs, cats, birds, snakes, rabbits, etc..is totally wrong and should be banned. Most of all...when people tell me..its just an animal..animals dont feel...now riddle me this..animals have the same body organs as we humans do..they have lungs, legs, muscles, bladders, stomachs, nerves, spines, bones, eyes, hears, a heart, and a brain. Now I find it hard to believe that every single one of those organs work and function properly, just like humans do...EXCEPT for the brain. So is it animals cant feel...or you just can't think.? Thats Mrs. Liberal, tree-hugging, vegetarian, hippie freak to you, buddy. Animal rights activist. Vegan. Fashionista. Karmas a bitch. I love it when you stare :) PETA member and activist Savannah Veggie's and Vegans member Going to school to be a Vet Tech. Adventurous. Won't miss out on ANYTHING. I believe in soul mates. Be Yourself. Think for yourself people!..... Society is fatal Outspoken Be free. Freedom is power... Imitation is suicide B-Day: December 13. One of the worse things you can do is try to get in between me and someone I love. I wouldnt recommend trying it :)
Veg Status:
Savannah, Georgia
09 Nov 2011
Fav Place:
My room
Fav Books:
Cosmo..twlight series..Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.
Fav Music:
Rock, hip hop, dance, techno
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My Website:
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08 Nov 2011
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