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With wisdom comes knowledge, with knowledge comes responsibility.

In the days of the "Old Church" many laws were given for the believers to follow. They were, if I may use the term, "Baby Steps". Many of the laws of old we are not held accountable to today. With the coming of Christ and the death and Resurrection of Christ the world changed. And when the world changed many of the rules changed.

The basics did not and will not ever change. That would basically be the Ten Commandments. But the law of baptism was establish. The laws of animal sacrifice change. Along with many others.

In the days of the Old Church we had no twelve apostles, no Christ at the head of the Church. The Spirit of Christ, ( the Holy Ghost ) was not given as a constant companion to man.

It was all a normal family could do to provide for their family to survive. There was only so much farmland a man could plow and plant and harvest. There was not the means of preserving the produce of the field that we have today. Using wild game and even some domestic animals to survive during the off season was an necessity.

Even in the days of my grandfather and my father produce was not a commodity that could be relied upon during the off season. It is very easy to see why they hunted and subsidized their diets with meat draining the winter months.

If you know anything of the old Celtic Tribes you will know that when they killed an animal to use it for food the would say a prayer for and to the animal. Giving thanks and reverence for the beast giving it's all for the survival of the human.

The eating of meat has been ingrained into the human for thousands of years. I can see without question how they justified the killing and eating of the beast.

In today's world of produce being shipped around the world and delivered fresh a hemisphere away from the field is was grown in we have a greater wisdom and knowledge than they did just a few years ago. My parents did not have the advantage of fresh Santa Claws Melons, and Juan Canary Melons in the middle of the winter as I have. And what fresh produce they did have to select from in the dead of winter was comparative very expensive when measured by today's standards.

I can eat fresh fruit twelve month out of the year and find relatively reasonable prices on it. I can have corn on the cob any time I want it. My parents did not have that luxury just fifty years ago when I was a wee lad. I remember just how much my mom and dad really splurged to give me fresh oranges for Christmas every year.

As we see the world today and realize that the "Need" for killing animals for food and to survive is drawing to an end it is well that we teach others this principle with respect and understand just as the Christ of the New Testament thought others. One will not unteach the tradition and teaching of the past that have survived for thousands of years over night. One will not teach these gentle truths by beating others into submission. If we are to teach and gain converts we must teach with patience and long suffering. We must have the forbearance and restraint to teach a new way of life.

We have gained the wisdom of a "New World". With that wisdom we have gained knowledge. With that knowledge we have gained a responsibility to "Teach" a new way of life. "Teach" being the operative word. One does not teach by force. But by gentle persuasion. One of the greatest gifts that Christ gave to us is "Free Will". If we seek to take away this free will that Christ has given then are we standing not with Christ, but against him?

The Ten Commandments yet stand, but Christ will not force anyone to obey these commandments. He will teach, He will persuade, He will lead and teach what is right and correct. He will do not more. He will not take away the free will he has given. Nor do I believe should we.

With wisdom comes knowledge, with knowledge comes responsibility. We have a responsibility to "teach".

( this is just my thoughts )
Thank you all.


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    Posted by Chia at 02/26/09 22:20:43

    Thanks Quasi for your thoughtful post. I don't follow Christianity, but I see the merit in what you wrote.

    With knowlege comes responsibility. Yes. And no. Because one can also do nothing if s/he chooses so. And who can judge?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 09/13/12 08:50:33

    For me, wisdom is the marriage of knowledge and compassion.
    Knowledge and even compassion, can do great harm when used separately. When combined they give us wisdom (the ability to make wise decisions).

    I don't need any imaginary or supernatural beings to understand this. The ONLY thing that religion has offered us is the Golden Rule (found in ALL religions), but neither "belief" or religion is necessary to see the simple logic in the Golden Rule...

    Donny Lutz

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