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Lao Tzu wrote a brilliant piece of what may be one of our planet’s finest literary works. It has been translated into many languages but it is best understood in Chinese languages. Chinese characters are amalgamated pictographs that are composed of many smaller sub characters. With Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” the wording is such that the sub-characters of Chinese make as much sense as the larger full linguistic characters and this creates an apparent three-dimensional matrix holograph of concepts that are all true to the message he wrote. It is a brilliant piece of literature with a brilliant message but the way that the sub characters and full characters both speak through this literary work makes it almost miraculously magical.

The word Tao has been misunderstood for centuries. It has been translated at water flowing, method, means, path, way, and course. None of these translations speak to its omnipresent, omnipotent, beguiling presence. The Chinese Bible incorrectly uses the word Tao in the book of Genesis to explain how Tao created all of life. Tao does not create. Tao is revealed and its nature is sublime but it does not create, rather it explains and mitigates. Even these words do no justice for it is as complex of a concept as emptiness or dharma. It is ever present as all phenomenon and yet it is inscrutable, subtle, and pervasive.

Vegan realism is likewise a Tao that is also beatific and concerning. The normal diet that is healthy for all people, good for water resourcing, good for the environment, and necessary to provide enlightening consciousness is the vegan diet. So why do people resist going vegan? The Tao is frustratingly simple and yet it is impervious. Opposite views are entangling time while the environment is getting spent, water is running out and still people sustain minds of poisonous carnivores. Instead of agricultural values of patience learned from raising crops, prayerfulness hoping for rain, meditation in connecting with plant growth, reincarnation concepts like the death and rebirth of plants from winter to spring, cooperation gained from harvesting and planting with your neighbor’s help and continuous cultivation of morality, humans hunt for themselves and kill the rest. We have descended into an animal consciousness of the predator by eating meat and yet vegetables and plants are everywhere growing and watching us.

Lao Tzu wrote, “That which describes the Tao is not the Tao.” So, let us all be vegan and remove all obstructions to the natural flow and order of life. The sun rises and sets, the rain comes followed by sunlight, the four seasons pass and the circle of life continues in a precision of procession that knows proportion, order, and nurturance. We do not want the beautiful Dharma of life, Tao, to be imbalanced because we ate the wrong things and destroyed the delicate balance that grows life on Earth.

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