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We as vegans must not reject devotional and spiritual practices just because carnivores and others that insist upon consuming animal products have perverted the spiritual path. We must return the true intention of all spiritual practices which is to be vegan. We must establish Vegan Religion as the central, primordial and basic religious practice from which all others arise. We must return religion to impeccable integrity and to its innate constitution of truth.

To abandon all spiritual practices because the carnivores, ova-lactarians and lactarians have made such a brutal mockery of religion is to leave ourselves vacant of an important cultural and spiritual mechanism for growth in our community. Vegan Religion is so wondrous in its true connection to the multiverse that it can not be ignored any longer with such burgeoning numbers of vegans growing daily.

Vegan Religion offers a method of expressing what everyone wants to know. By living correctly as vegans, by purifying our minds through a vegan diet, what is the cosmology that is born from such people? We can not abandon our responsibility to lead the non vegan masses through our Vegan Religion, giving them an understanding and place in the cosmos that invites them into a vegan lifestyle.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 05/19/17 21:07:15

    There are atheists, carnivorous coreligionists and others that wish to undermine Vegan Religious practices. They claim that only people are vegan and institutions are not vegan. This is rubbish.

    1. There are vegan restaurants
    2. We buy vegan products like vegan soap for our houses
    3. We have vegan interests and hobbies
    4. There are vegan communities
    5. There are vegan web sites, vegan radio shows and vegan blogs
    6. There are vegan out reach centers and vegan educational resources
    7. There is vegan alternative medicine

    As one can plainly see there are multiple things in our vegan culture that are vegan and are not specifically and only human dietary concerns. This topic can not be limited nor censored by atheists interests such as Ahimsa32fa nor Catholic interests of ones such as Hellhound who consistently try to limit the discussion and reduce all vegan awareness to their myopic, controlled, censored view of how things ought to be.

    Yes there is Vegan Religion. I have personally practiced Vegan Religion for 15 years.

    You too can be a vegan and celebrate the spiritual dimension of your vegan lifestyle without succumbing to atheist or carnivorous religious interests.

    Vegans are independent thinkers, compassionate people and usually fairly educated. Vegans must now rise up and reclaim the entire spiritual domain of religion for our Planet. How could carnivores even consider their religions as spiritual? All they have done is cause religious wars, religious inquisitions and tribunals, and led to a greater mass of suffering for life on Earth.

    You have already reformed your diet if you are vegan, now it is time not to give up on religion but to reform religion into a vegan context for yourself and future generations. This can be done through multiple methods, but these three are the most basic:

    1. Veganize your own existent, heritage religion. This is to say, find the truth. Cut through the mis-translations of Scripture and reveal the vegan nature to your own familial religion. At its core, all religions are vegan.

    2. Veganize a religion different from the one your born into. This also applies to those not raised in a religious culture.

    3. Begin a new Vegan Religion.

    Be creative, truthful and let your Vegan Religion be a source of spiritual integrity and goodness. All the world will prosper from such and endeavor.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 05/19/17 23:19:21

    How does this process begin?

    Go vegan if you are not yet vegan. This is the first step in all true spiritual and true religious endeavors.

    Create a sacred space of Vegan Contemplation that can be filled with meditation, chanting, prayer, reflection or other pastimes that contribute to finding one's true Vegan Purified Consciousness separate from conditioned reality.

    Find a moral order that contributes to living a Vegan Lifestyle.

    Write down the important considerations of morality, the practice which fills one's sacred Vegan space and ideas of the cosmology, dreams, ideas and mental images presenting themselves through this process.

    Continuing this for many years will reveal the true Vegan Religion of your heart.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 05/19/17 23:22:47

    If your Vegan Religion coincides with other people's Vegan Religion or other non Vegan Religious practices, learn from them in how they offer to you enrichment or reveal to you their failures. In time it would be great if there was a coalescence of all Vegan Religious practices into a larger world Vegan Religion that could subsume all other non vegan religions and correct the world's consciousness.

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