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Food is central to the transmigration pathways of reincarnation. This seems like such an odd thought, but it is entirely true. Eating is a Karmic function. All of life eats, but at the expense of whom or what? What we eat determines who we are, what we have been and indeed what we will be in health, body, heart, and in mind. Food is a Karmic statement both symbolically and directly representing the summation of our actions and desires.

Let us begin with an operational definition of ‘Reincarnation.’ This term means, “Returning in Flesh.” Flesh, however, is a mutable concept. The flesh of Human Beings is Skin and Muscle, the flesh of the Gods is Consciousness, the flesh of Divinity is Spiritual Light, the flesh of the Arabic ‘Jin’ is Fire, the flesh of Demons is Suffering, the flesh of all Heavenly Realms is Bliss, the flesh of the Bodhisattvas is Emptiness, the flesh of the Buddhas is Enlightenment and the flesh of Dreams is Desire.

It must be understood that anything which continues after death is a form of reincarnation. If one goes to Heaven after dying, one might have a new Heavenly Body of Light, and that is a new reincarnation. If after death one goes to Hell that is the next reincarnation. If one becomes Emptiness and that Emptiness bares Consciousness or Relativity, or if such Emptiness terminates and is Impermeant this is the next reincarnation. One can die and return as an animal, a plant, an Enlightening Being, a God, a Space Alien or even on a different planet in another universe and still it is all reincarnation.

One can reincarnate a new spirit in the same body while still alive. Some people remain in their body their entire life, while others may reincarnate inside that same body once and may view that experience as a ‘walk in’ or as being ‘born again.’ Others might reincarnate inside their same birth body many times at critical points in life and call it ‘cyclic development’ or ‘life changes.’ Still others seem to reincarnate thousands of times per second.

The history of reincarnation is interesting. It is a concept accepted by the Hindus, Jain, Buddhists, Early Christians, Hasidic Jews, Ancient Egyptians, Many Native tribes, most UFO esotericists and countless others. The originating source of this concept is not found in philosophical nor religious circles of human society, but rather it is found from observations humans drew when agriculture was first beginning to seed in humanity. Man saw that plants died in winter and grew back in spring. A plant may die here and then grow again there. Plants are a primary teacher of man and the symbolic meaning of plant life cycles was not lost in its spiritual implications when it was discovered. Plants became the root inspiration for concepts of reincarnation pan-culturally.

Jesus said he would come again and that John the Baptist was Elijah, Krishna said that we cast our bodies off like old clothes and put on new ones again while the Buddha said that we all have been here since the origin of this universe and we will be here until the end, reincarnating into every possible life form. The Buddha also said that in each incarnation we manifest physically with attributes, talents and abilities that reflect the sum of our past Karma.

When Constantine converted to Christianity, the next day after his conversion having boiled his mother in law in oil, later heard that a small group of Christians were protesting his edited version of his state sponsored Scriptures. Their protests concerned the obvious censorship of all references to reincarnation which had been widely practiced in the early Episcopates. Constantine sent mercenaries to the protests and had them all knifed to death. These reincarnationists became the first Christian Byzantine Empire’s Christian martyrs.

Now how does this concept of reincarnation relate to a vegan diet and the quest for food? Certainly hunting, slaughtering, torturing, sacrificing and eating animals is a pathway to lower realms, indeed Hell itself. Anyone who thinks they are ok with animal slaughter is self-deluded and their foolishness will not save them from their own Karma. They will suffer bad Karmic reactions followed by a long, slow and painful ripening of their foolish Karmic debacle followed by further and increasingly more intense Karmic retributions for their wrongful actions. Yet, eating a plant based vegan diet is an important contributing source of positive steps towards the higher realms including Heaven, Nirvana and the Deva Lokas. If one eats meat, one will reincarnate as a farm animal or a hunted animal and will suffer over and again the cruelty one committed in their past after being reconditioned in the Hells. People who eat vegan, however, will be protected in the higher realms from such misery. This obvious reality is underscored by many Scriptural tracts from multiple world religions which discovered this apparent truth separated in isolation both temporally and geographically from each other.

The secret to reincarnation is simple; when we fulfill the true purpose of life we reincarnate under fortunate circumstances, and when we do not our future lives suffer. When we completely abandon all contribution to the evolution of consciousness, we may sustain physical beauty or other incarnational attributes from past good deeds from other lives, but we become as plants which are central in serving the continuation of life’s cycles but may be harvested as food by those still engaging in the purification and upliftment of universal consciousness. It is one thing to live for one’s self or one’s family, but our live connection to the universe in thoughts and deeds is the legitimacy of our incarnational presence. We can eradicate our purpose and become as plants if our selfish acquisitions are all that matters, we can fail miserably and commit selfishly diabolical acts rooted in greed, anger and ignorance to reflect a fallen consciousness and descend into the Hells, or we can contribute to the universal awakening of all sentient beings and the living universe itself and through a vegan, compassionate lifestyle, we can begin to ascend. If we choose this positive alternative which is the true purpose of life, we will cultivate a contributive lifestyle that seeks to improve the interconnection of and the reverence towards all of creation, promoting the free will ascent of all beings to reach complete and total enlightenment of purified, all knowing minds and together we will end universal suffering by solving all problems, healing all illness, and correcting all thoughts and actions.

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