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Everyone wants to be liberated. How deeply liberated does everyone want to go? For the Hindu community, the idea of liberation or Moksha goes further than any other culturally defined liberation. It reaches further and deeper than liberation Theology of the Catholic faith, it also reaches far beyond a Cuba Libre served in Havana. These two Latino concepts of liberation are important here. It implies that there are many levels of liberation.

In Hinduism, the ideal liberation is viewed as freedom from family, work, society, religion, life, death, rebirth, Karma, heaven, hell, all attachments, all patterns of thought and action, and far, far beyond. The Buddhists idealize the exact same Moksha process and call it Nirvana. Jain Dharma also seeks Moksha and just like the Hindu Moksha it means literally giving back your soul or Atman to the Creator in complete purity and being free from every encumbrance. One releases to Shunyata or emptiness, in accordance with the Buddha Dharma, and emerges as Devayata or in the position of Godliness without being bound by the heavenly restraints of Devarupa or god-hood in the god realm.

So, if practitioners of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal truth of universal liberation, buried in the schools of modern Hinduism, Jain Dharma, and Buddha Dharma practice rigorously for this level of complete and total liberation, why are they afraid of tying their shoes? If you are trying to fly, why are your shoes still untied? What I mean by this, is that with such grand designs of Moksha or liberation, why would the most basic and simple thing be overlooked?

To be liberated from Karma and all worldly attachments means accepting the deepest truth. How can one approach Moksha or Nirvana without being vegan? We must shed our Earthly attachment to all animal products before we even begin this path of Enlightenment to the final liberation of Moksha or Nirvana.

The gift of life is the opportunity to enter the path of liberation by first going vegan and then finding a teacher or a method to access the Sanatana Dharma in one of the many schools of modern vegan Hinduism, vegan Jain Dharma or vegan Buddha Dharma. To approach true Enlightenment, Moksha, or Nirvana as a meat eater or a milk drinker is just self-deception and delusion. Overcoming the obstacle of ignorance means not to ignore the fundamental truth of suffering, especially the suffering of animals in food production. To live without ignorance also means to embrace the healthiest diet which is the vegan diet, the most ecological diet which is the vegan diet, and the most compassionate diet which is the vegan diet.

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