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Love is how we transmit our highest consciousness. Through love we can change the world. Love is the best way to reach people's hearts and minds.

These truisms seem to effect everyone differently but they do effect everyone. Perhaps love is the key to opening other people's minds to a vegan lifestyle.

When a couple truly experiences love in their relationship, their love has no bounds. Can that love be the key to discovering a 'universal love' which extends to animals and all life?

Is there a 'spiritual love' that reaches beyond the ego and guides us to a vegan lifestyle?

Should we be loving when we explain the vegan way of being to others and use calming voices with positive words of encouragement?

Does vegan and love have anything in common?

Did you or anyone you know become vegan through love?

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    Posted by Ananta108 at 03/28/16 04:38:55

    'universal love'or 'spiritual love' is a key to true love between partners I believe

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