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She is the Goddess of the moisture upon the land. She is wealth and she is both emptiness and form. She protects the Buddhist Monasteries. Her consort is the greatest God who preserves life. When all the Gods are busy, she always hears our prayers. Her mission is to make sure all of us are well, pure minded, happy, free and living correctly in harmony with peace, love and as a blessing in this beautiful multiverse. This mission she has undertaken can only be accomplished in a completely vegan context. Her light shines through the darkness of this age spreading truth about vegan enlightenment, love for all sentient beings and the opening of our hearts to a newly wondrous vegan planetary transformation.

Vegan Lakshmi is a shining one, a bastion of hope, as she incarnates with her consort over and again to show us the way to live life correctly as honorable, virtuous, humble, and hardworking vegans, thankful and reverent for this gift of life. As vegans, we must honor this divine feminine principle of Vegan Lakshmi Devi by practicing meditation and chanting her name and Mantras and by offering the nectar of our practice to her like a lotus flower gently placed at her feet in the temple of all of creation.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/11/17 17:12:01


    Hreem Shreem Hreem;

    Nama Vegan Lakshmi Devi Mata Ki Jaya.

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