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In the Jain way of being and transcendence there is a deep understanding concerning the nature of the Atman, a term that roughly translates as soul. If a person commits wrongful acts, these acts become magnetic to Karma both spiritually and physically with negative Karmic photon like particles aggregating at the Atman. This ultimately darkens the consciousness of the wrong doer, limiting the free range of the wrong doer’s mind, haunting their heart, and reflects as conflict with one’s community. When one does good acts that are beneficent for one’s self, one’s family, one’s society and the world then greater light from good Karma transmits positive photonic particles to swarm around the Atman. This greater light from good thoughts and deeds then grants greater vision, greater wisdom, and more love from the community.

When one becomes dedicated to goodness, little by little, usually over many incarnations, one may rid one’s self of the obscuring Karma of negative photonic particles surrounding the Atman and begin the process of entering a light filled, purely good expression of Atman called Kevala Jnana. This is a state of all knowing wisdom and is a necessary condition of manifesting prior to liberation from the cycle of life and rebirth. Buddha is thought to have reached this state by Buddhists, and the Jain practitioners look to Mahavira as the prime example of this level of awareness. Kevala Jnana is supreme knowledge, absolute knowledge and reveals all truth emanating from all time and space and beyond.

Through Kevala Jnana, one must certainly know the truth concerning vegan awareness and the importance of a dedicated vegan lifestyle. Certainly, the vegan diet and a resulting vegan lifestyle is the way of being which is closest to goodness on Earth. How could one display Kevala Jnana as a meat eater or even a lactarian vegetarian? More important than how much we eat, how we eat or when we eat is what we eat. All Kevala Jnana must be Vegan Kevala Jnana. This means that both the Buddha and Mahavira were vegans prior to their Moksha or liberation from this temporal existence.

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