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When you are here and God is there, it is dualism. When you are not the guru but someone else is, this is dualism. When two people argue two sides, there is dualism. It does not matter if God is in the sky, in a statue, is somewhere else in the Universe or is in the sea when you call out to God, dualism is active as long as he is separated from you.

All Hinduism except for non-dual Vedanta practices, the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and most tribal religions are dualistic theologies. For instance, one may view Jesus on the cross, in a manger or in heaven but he is separated from the supplicant.

No religion is 100% dualistic nor 100% non-dualistic. Going back to the Jesus concept, although most people pray to Jesus as though he is in a separate place, he frequently said "I and the Father are one," and "I am in you as you are in me." These are clearly non-dualistic ideals.

In most dualistic religions, non-dualism is experienced by the founder of the religion or the high prelates, monastics, priests and/or saints. So in Christianity, to continue with our example, Jesus experienced non-dualism as did many saints. Frequently adherents of the Catholic faith will view the Pope as in direct union with the most high. However, the common man does not have this experience all the time if ever in life so he prays to those whom he trusts has had this experience.

In a vegan context, as we bring veganism to religion and religious culture, we must attribute the honorific title of Vegan to all Deities we seek. So if one is Christian, and one wants to believe in a Vegan God, one might read aloud Genisis 1:29 in prayer circle and then confess that Jesus would uphold God's singular law for creation ushered in at the beginning of life for all to obey, man and animal. Then one may use the terms Vegan God and Vegan Jesus freely.

One may view Constantine's editorial contributions to the Bible as tainted and consider that bread and water were what Jesus offered to the crowd at the Sermon on the Mount and not fish and water that tasted like wine because alcohol is prohibited in the story of Noah and meat is prohibited in Genisis 1:29. This is a genuine possibility because Constantine did add the industries of his time, that of carpentry, fishing, wine making, olive oil and other economic concerns to his rendition of Scripture. This also happened in England with the King James Bible when the wool and lamb industries were emphasized in liturgy.

For one to say, "I am not vegan, they are," is a dualism. There is a non-dual "we" hiding in that statement. So we must shift consciousness in both the non-dual sense as we all become vegan together. The shift to becoming vegan is to go through the initiation of decision making and to leave behind a dualism of vegan/non vegan which we out grew.

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