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The word Deva has many arguable etymologies, definitions, and synonyms. I prefer the correlative nomenclature to the Hindu festival of Devali. Devali is the festival of lights and thus one may safely infer that Deva means light being. This differs from most English translations of Deva as ‘god’ and, somehow, I feel it is more true to what Hinduism proposes. If Deva does mean light being, how does that light shine?

As Earth bound beings of 3D carbon chain, we are tied to the universal clock of aging. Time is understood differently in Hindu cosmology than in the West. We are currently in the Age of Kali, Krishna was in the Age of Dwapara and Rama was from the Treta Yuga. Each Age or Yuga has its own cosmology, universal laws, cultures, values, blessings, and problems. How the Deva arrive on Earth, what their purpose is, how they act, where they dwell and what they teach is subtly different in each Age. It is as though the Divine Light shines differently through each Age. The Divine Light may be constant, but the refractive nature of each Yuga changes its intensity and coloration as such, and so the different Avatars, Devas and Devis appear to manifest in accordance with the changing wheel of time.

Although Krishna was well known as an avid ghee fan with many childhood stories of stealing ghee for his endless desire, and adoring milk and all milk products, this was an attribute of Dwapara Yuga. Indeed, Krishna was alive in Dwapara Yuga at the cusp of Kali Yuga’s dawning. In the Gita Krishna explicitly states in the 9th canto that one should worship him with offerings of flowers, water, fruit, or a leaf. Noticeably missing in his list of acceptable Puja tools are milk and ghee. This is because vegan offerings are the only true offerings, the best offerings, and the truest offerings.

Krishna also knew that in the Kali Age people would be dedicated to materiality and would develop organic, vegan vitamin supplements of Vitamins D3 and B, allowing for vegan diets. Krishna knew his instructions would have to penetrate from Dwapara Yuga to Kali Yuga and so his instructions would have to reflect the next Age’s capacity for Puja experience. He knew the light of Maha Vishnu would shine differently in Kali Yuga and he needed to prepare the way for the people in the future by acknowledging a vegan method of connecting to him.

If Krishna or Rama or Shiva were alive today, they would certainly support a vegan diet. It is the only cow friendly diet in Kali Yuga. The vegan way is the correct way of living, worshiping and eating. Vegan is how the light of the Divine shines through to all of creation from the ultra-dimensional source of life. To chant Vegan Krishna, Vegan Rama, Vegan Shiva, Vegan Lakshmi, Vegan Vishnu, Vegan Ganesh etc. is to accept Krishna’s edict in Canto 9 of the Gita. To chant this way is to accept the Divine Light of Deva in Kali Yuga. To chant this way and live this way is to reach to the highest truth in this dark Age of Kali and to find our way to the true Trimurti, the Vegan Trimurti, of Vegan Vishnu, Vegan Brahma, and Vegan Shiva.

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