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i am always amazed when vegan people desperately want to be with non veg people. I don't mean that you have to have a bad attitude towards non vegans, after all we, at least myself, was a regular non vegan meat eater also. But when i remind my meat eating days, i am always most grateful to other vegans who didn't it when i ate non vegan, at least they always made a sligght remark that eventually woke me up.

Ask yourself, all the great people who changed the ethical course of history, were PREACHERS, people who were so morally outraged that they did rub it into ANYONES face, no fear of being called .

Martin Luther King!

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    Posted by StephenS at 04/26/14 17:35:50

    Word - finally a non apologist for the meat eaters. I'm always amazed at the level of species-ism in the veg/an community. Folks would never put up with the same behavior inflicted on humans by their loved ones. But, unfortunately, the majority of Veg/ans are just experimenting, or doing it for wholly self centered reasons. We hear the word "choice" used so often when Veg/ans are talking about their loved ones - unfortunately that word never comes into play when talking about the imprisoned, raped and tortured animals whose lack of choice allows the humans to have a choice. Liberation and Choice are concepts that needs to be elevated to all creatures and aspects of life - not just Humans. If we are truly compassionate and Just, we need to stop making excuses for and defending folks right to have forced dominion over anything else. All beings cry for their lost liberty, community and life.

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    Posted by AllyG at 04/28/14 17:45:00

    Are you more likely to come to my church if you see me out in the community to acts of service (weeding a public garden, picking up rubbish on a beach, helping in a supermarket carpark, donating to a food bank...)? or if I lecture you about the risen Christ our Saviour, and how coming to my church is going to save your soul - is that going to make you think you want to come to my church?
    I know, very well from experience, that if I eat my lunch at work, and people comment how healthy it is, or how good my skin looks, a comment like "thanks, I eat a plant based diet, and follow a vegan lifestyle" is going to open a door to a conversation more than "Murder! Imprisonment! your lunch is morgue!" I'm more likely to get someone interested in being vegan buy making them a meal, or pointing them in the right direction about where to get information if they are really interested in finding out more about being a vegan.
    Same with my church. If I start handing out Bibles, I'm going to quickly lose friends.
    My son changed faith, and soon learnt that preaching at people just doesn't work, no matter how passionate you are about the topic.

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    Posted by AllyG at 04/28/14 17:48:31

    by not buy

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/29/14 10:45:18

    By nature of our very existence we are all teachers and roll models.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 05/03/14 23:13:09

    "My son changed faith, and soon learnt that preaching at people just doesn't work, no matter how passionate you are about the topic."

    so you are saying that leafletting (vegan outreach) and trying to educate people doesn't work?

    Actually "preaching" does work very well. Bill Clinto turned vegan when his doctor told him about the relation of his diet and his heart attacks. Las Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn did change to a vegan diet the same day after his friend showed him a video about veganism.

    Keeping silent NEVER works, only at the moment somebody starts a conversation and the silence ends, at that very moment, things can change.

    All ugly things like rape, racism etc, needs a LOUD VOICE, not silence and "hoping" that things will change.

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    Posted by trinitybourne at 05/08/14 22:57:06

    I've been a vegan for a long time so I felt to share my experiences. When I was a teenager I was quite 'preachy' about the whole thing (so my family reminds me :) ). It had a tendency to turn people away, making them more likely to throw up barriers and a lack of openness to the message.

    After a couple of years, I began to soften. I became more excepting of others; less judgemental. My approach changed and I decided to start leading by example. The dynamic shifted radically!

    I found that people wanted to know more about my vegan lifestyle. They felt unthreatened by it; saw how happy and healthy I was - they were genuinely interested. I am a now vegan chef and cater for retreats and 20 years on I have seen loads of people go vegan as a result of my gentle non-preachy influence.

    So, just to balance things out here. Preachy did not work for me - it made people feel threatened. In my experience, people might temporarily go vegan as a result of preachiness, but they rarely stay vegan.

    And for me, Non-preachy helps more people to naturally turn vegan - and STAY vegan in the long term (which is the most important thing).


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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/09/14 07:28:47

    We're starting to debate semantics here.

    One person's "teacher" is another person's "preacher".

    After lectures I've given over the years, I've had people say, "Thank you, teach me more!", while others say, "Don't preach to me!"

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    Posted by AllyG at 05/13/14 22:48:40

    I'm talking mainstream every day life. If you are lecturing over the years, I assume you have people who want to be there, you are not standing up in a restaurant lecturing to people about changing to vegan.

    Just a quick count... umm... out of my 6 closest friends, one family has gone vegetarian and is looking at vegan (they've got three small kids)the other couple are eating vegan 5 times a week, and vegetarian the other two (and they were sworn carnivores until we went on holiday together), until they can get the hang of all the nutrition requirements and plan to go vegan within the month.

    Quite frankly, I think my non preachy way is working really well.

    I don't think leaflet handing out will actually change anyone to going vegan, but seeing a vegan 'in action' eating great healthy food, seeing how easy (eek) it is to eat out, and embracing a gentle lifestyle where nothing with a face or heartbeat dies for my dinner - I'm happy with that.

    I think being passionate about something does lend itself to being preachy, but isn't the best way.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/11/16 09:47:02

    Preaching is a term that does not really apply to vegans. Vegan lifestyle is not a religion nor a dogma. Vegan lifestyle is based on dietary facts, ecological facts, emotional truth and spiritual truth. Vegans instead 'inform' people of a seriously critical situation that involves the torture and murder of between 3 and 5 billion animals every day on our planet. This staggering number of harmed animals is greater than the number of people killed every war ever conducted in history. THIS IS EVERY DAY!

    Also,we face a water crisis, world poverty, world hunger, climate change, human abuse, slavery, war etc. All these problems can be solved through global vegan adherence.

    The passion of vegans is minor compared to the horrific suffering vegans seek to alleviate. Comparing vegans to tasteless ecumenical religionists is not realistic. Vegans are not trying to convert people, we are trying to return sanity and reverence to our world.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 01/13/16 17:27:59

    I agree with you wholeheartedly but over time the conclusion I have come to is that the message has to be tailored to the audience...meaning you need to build up factual and scientific reasons that convert the health nut, the vain person who cares mostly about appearance, the religious, the social justice warrior as much as the animal lover. I think the reasons are evident for why the world should be vegetarian, if not entirely vegan, but if everyone who is already veg*n who wants to preach would make their message relevant to different sorts of people, that helps tremendously. There's vegan body builders, there's veganism spreading among Israeli Jews...the message of Martin Luther King Jr. was to meet people with peace...we have to meet people where they individually are, because Western culture is so individualistic...there are no lack of reasons why, so screaming in people's faces about animal rights alone is kind of counterproductive, though those people were highly useful in the recent past, we're in a new era.

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