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Spirit, soul, heart,
zest for life,
love of life

Does spirituality have to do with scripture?
dogma? commandments?
Or more simply with empathy,
humility and caring

Is spirituality for the chosen?
Or for the choosing
Is it a thing?
A state of being?
Or a becoming

Is spirituality constricting?
limiting? reductive?
Or expanding, inclusive,

They speak of "universal spirituality"
Words come easy
actions not so much

They speak of "universal love",
while limiting love
at every turn

They speak of "unconditional love",
while picking and choosing whom

Can we really express unconditional love?
Or must we.

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    Posted by Edna F at 05/26/15 00:54:49

    Nice post and Nice questions you have posted here.We all see these contradicting things and false statements about universal love or unconditional love. But I have seen some people in life who really love unconditionally everyone no matter their color, cast, creed, religion or political affiliation or ethnicity. So I think we can express unconditional love but first we have to be free from the materialistic desires and things that limit our spirituality.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/09/16 12:04:09

    Ahimsa 32fa-

    Nice poem. However, you are still lost in the religious diatribe you seek to destroy. You still use words like soul,love and spirituality as though they can be removed from their originating religious context.

    This is the problem with atheists that seek to be 'free' without any formal discipline, any formal practice nor any formal education nor training in any authentic Sadharma.

    Love has no meaning nor depth for those that want that power, as though it can be tossed in the shopping cart of one's mind and owned like the other people do in the magazines and films.

    You use catch phrases like universal love, but based on other interactions I have had with you in other HappyCow conversations, you are a speciesist. Your idea of universal is highly limited and not truly universal because you deny sentiency to fellow living beings as it was taught to you in science class.

    I think a more helpful discussion should center around vegan love. Two people who love each other, or any group that shares love should learn vegan life practices if their love is true. If love is universal, it must further correct life practices that spread love. Love is the perfect way to share vegan ideals and to measure the success of love.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/10/16 05:40:09


    Read more slowly. My poem mentions the terms you find offensive and then poses questions about them.

    Your fear and unfair criticism of atheism is apparent.

    I actually write books about speciesism, and have been studying, writing and teaching about these issues for many years.

    Blind faith in religion carries over into blind faith into what one would like to be true, such as sentiency in plants. I abandoned blind faith around 1949 in favor of logic and evidence.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/10/16 16:20:59

    To the poet-

    You are still concerned with terms and ideas of other people's beliefs and critical of them. If atheism works so well, why do you still count another man's sheep?

    Your logical paradigm is self limiting and yet, science has gone far beyond your myopic rhetoric through quantum entanglement, string theory, and fractal mathematics to find that such scientific, atheistic absolutism is absurd.

    You are a speciesist by your misunderstanding of the value, definition, expression and connectivity of life, sentience, and form. To be truly scientific and to truly not be speciesistic one must have an open mind, not a rule book.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/11/16 09:15:46

    I apologize for misspelling Saddharma in a previous response. Saddharma is the term I used, not religion.

    You seem to think there is a choice element in spirituality and somehow all scripture, dogma or rules impairs this. I think you attack what you do not understand. Scriptures means written texts. Dogma is derived from the term Dharma which means ideas, and rules or agreements or commandments are like civil laws to help create civilized boundaries.

    You seem to want to blind faith and remove it's ability to see. Faith has no eyes, people do. Faith is a complex emotion that assists people. Your disdain for faith undermines your understanding of love.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/17/16 13:09:58


    On another forum post Ahimsa32fa found a way to edit his posts after others respond. This is not available to anyone else.

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