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It is very trendy to go to South America to go through Ayahuasca ceremonies. Entheogens have been used since the beginning of humanity for spiritual expansion. History records their use from Soma of early Vedic culture to LSD in the 1960s. Today, the Native People of North America have legal access to peyote for their ceremonies and psychiatrists are once again experimenting with LSD and other entheogens scientifically to find their therapeutic use. Interesting studies have been done recently with MRIs showing a much vaster brain activation and neuronal interaction with LSD confirming scientifically that LSD indeed accesses the entire brain for cognitive activity unlike normative brain functions.

On YouTube, one can find multiple Entheogen Gurus from Alan Watts and Timothy Leary to Terrence Mckenna and Ramdass. These people attest to positive results from correct psychedelic usage, the history of these spiritual medicines and their social implications.

Of course, due to profound governmental ignorance, most of these substances are illegal although some lesser known entheogens are not yet classified and are still legal. I personally do not drink alcohol, I do not take illegal drugs nor do I take entheogens of any type and I do not even use pharmaceutical drugs unless under extreme circumstances. I also do not drink coffee and I do not smoke anything. For me Vegan Meditation is enough, and when one practices correct meditation, it far exceeds any entheogenic supplements.

I do, however, support the complete legalization and correct medical application of entheogens. For example, micro-doses of psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana have been shown to cure PTSD in military personnel and a huge number of other psychological and physical impairments with no real side effects. Because the War on Drugs has been a complete failure and has caused much harm without changing any collective behavior, we should at least legalize those substances that offer medical value in spite of protests over profits from pharmaceutical companies.

The most interesting thing about these entheogens is that they are vegan. Yes, one more time vegan technology leads the world to a brighter future. It is interesting that plants organically offer view expanding medicine to help us on the spiritual path of realization. The plant world not only feeds us, gives us clothing, gives us medicine, gives us shelter, gives us energy and transportation, but naturally occurring and growing plants let us reach into other dimensions to bring us into a larger sphere of understanding.

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    Posted by RawRachel at 08/11/17 01:41:26

    Live and let live.
    namaste', rachel

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 08/11/17 20:08:03

    Thank you, Star the magic vegan for the interesting information on entheogens. I never heard that word before. I totally agree with you that ..."Meditation is enough, and when one practices correct meditation, it far exceeds any entheogenic supplements."

    I understand and respect people's choices to use drugs (illegal and legal prescribed), as long as they don't hurt others or steal for the drugs. I have come to realize that every person has a back story in their life that makes them react to certain things, people, and stressful situations. We all have a back story, and by the creator's design, we are all good in our souls. It's just the shell we put up to get through life each day that clouds who we are. Drugs are used to escape from reality (whatever one perceives their life as), and getting to other "higher" places through the use of drugs is temporary at best, and the user never attains the euphoric feeling of that first high. We have to get to the root problem in our American society and address why we feel the need to have a drug for every condition or one or more to escape from reality. Once we do that individually and collectively through unconditional love, then people will become more aware of the connectedness of all living and "non-living" things. And many will gravitate toward a vegan and peaceful lifestyle. Thanks again for your interesting educational posts.

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