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At the root of all false religion is sacrifice. True religion is not contaminated by such wrongfulness. It is amazing how sacrificial religions will build huge libraries of literature that poetically justify their immoral view and even extend such incorrectness into war theology which serves as their greatest black cauldron of sacrifice. This idea of sacrifice has multiple methods of perverting truth and nature.

Animal sacrifice is immoral. It is a black art that contacts not just the lowest of human instincts and sickness of human consciousness, but it also conjures demons and is anti-spiritual fundamentally. To harm an innocent, indefensible creature for one's personal benefit is repugnant and wrong. This evil practice is ritualized in Judaism, Islamic culture, Witchcraft and Satanism, Paganism, many Tribal religions and certain alleged Hindu enclaves.

Human sacrifice is central to Christianity, certain Tribal religions, certain Islamic cultural enclaves, certain enclaves of Witchcraft and Satanism, Cannibal cultures, certain Pagan cultures, and indirectly in all war theologies including but not limited to Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, certain Hindu enclaves and certain Buddhist enclaves. This is a very immoral disposition that these and other religious groups justify through falsity, denial and group hysteria. War theology massacres large numbers of animals, humans and entire Eco-systems.

Fertility sacrifice is the false offering of one's reproductive abilities for a religion. This is practiced by Catholics, Buddhists and Jain adherents. Ironically the ones who sacrifice their concupiscence in exchange for social prominence often cheat as revealed in the recent Catholic improprieties noted in the world press.

Those that obey their vows of celibacy are unnatural versus the more natural expression of true asexuality. Power, wealth and social status being granted to individuals who practice such unnatural fertility pathways is ignorant. Such people do not have any expertise nor superlative qualities because of their renunciation. This act of sexual repression only leads to alienation and judgementalism. Such practitioners often suppose themselves to be experts of humanism when in fact they could not have removed themselves further from humanity. The hallmark of their incorrect view is their religious imperative of turning all sexuality into a sin and endorsing homophobia.

Krishna realized the problems of early Vedic culture's wrongful sacrificial practices and tried to correct this phenomenon in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna explains that we should sacrifice our works not animals. All works should be an offering to God and if one needs to give God a more material offering, it should be a leaf, a flower or water only.

Buddha did not address this topic of sacrifice but practiced it by demanding that all his monastics sacrifice their reproductive rights, their freedom, their identities and self hood, and their intellectual freedom. Jain Dharma demands the same, and the Abrahamic religions promote the most vile forms of animal and human sacrifices in blood bath dystopian orgies found in their Scriptures.

As vegans in a post modern world, this idea of sacrifice seems so primitive. It seems like an ancient vestige of hunter gatherer cultures. The entire point of religion has always been to reform all hunter predator instincts into peaceful agrarian instincts. Instead of animal sacrificing like a blood drenched hunter, we need to cultivate our hearts, instead of causing war we need to propitiate peace, instead of stealing as pillaging raiders we need to cooperate and plant and harvest together. Vegans are at the forefront of such agrarian wisdom, usually endorsing meditation and patience like farmers who await for the crops to grow.

It is time we address the carnivorous false ideology of sacrifice which has infiltrated all world religions. We need to endorse pacifistic agrarian values in our vegan religious and spiritual practices. The first step of any religion or spiritual practice is to be vegan. If the Priests and Scriptures of any religion do not actively promote vegan ideals, they should be discarded. At the root of all true religious practice is the respect for all life through not killing, not stealing and not disrespecting others.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 05/12/17 18:40:18


    The Buddha did stop an animal sacrifice ceremony as a vegan animal rights activist as his first social action after enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. He did not, however, address sacrifice in general as an endemic problem of religion. He also mentioned that His purpose for coming to Earth and enlightening was to set the Vedas right and stop Vedic animal sacrificing. Unfortunately, his correct zeal for this important cause waned over time.

    Also, Krishna did clarify in detail correct sacrifice and vegan offerings, after which he lead India into a great and bloody Civil War. Today Hindus regularly ignore Krishna's instructions and offer dairy products to his statues especially through Abhisheka ceremonies.

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    Posted by herwin at 05/13/17 06:48:51

    Animal sacrifice always has been a religious swindle. Priests urged naive people to donate and sacrifice some of their raisrd animals like cows, or part of their hunted animals, and the sacrife of this meat, after a hocus pocus ceremony, was gobbled down by the high priests, possible with a sacrificed bottle of wine.

    thesr types of sacrifies are nonsense and basically no sacrifice at all.

    That said, a true sacrifice indeed has a spiritual reward.
    Budda sacrificed a life of luxury and was spiritually rewarded for it.
    We vegans sacrificed our meaeating habit, often that was not an easy task. Oh damn you, taste buds!
    We vegans sacrificed meat, and, at least for me, unrxpectedly, with regards to my dining experience, unlike what the dimwitted meateater thinks, i was rewarded with a greater and more delicious experience. Oh paradox!
    A true sacrifice will enrichen you, make you more happy. Life is full of sacrifices: sacrifice some fun time each day for study, and you will get good gradrs lol, get a good job.
    Sacrifice using the word cq label vegan, and blooy hell much more people will be intetested.
    Sacrifice can be bumperstickered into No Pain No Gain.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 05/14/17 18:25:27


    The no pain no gain moniker reflects Krishna's desire to shift the burden of sacrifice to offerings of one's work which, in general, seems to be your conclusion. I agree this is a civilizing application of sacrifice, and I agree with your conclusion about its contrast to the vile practice of animal sacrifice. I enjoyed your analysis of meat eaters using such dark practices to fool people.

    What I am really posting this comment for is to point out the central fault of carnivorous religions and showing how this is the reason why so many people reject religion in general. Krishna and Buddha did seem to change the course of traditional carnivorous sacrifice, but their lack of vegan implementation limited their alteration to religious culture.

    Through Vegan Religion, the idea of sacrifice is finally resolved. Animal and human corporal sacrifice, carnivorous diet, and cannibalism is completely rejected, even in its surrogate symbolic forms such as practiced by the Christian faiths. Instead, respect is offered to the plants that offer a cornucopia of medicine, food and drink for the humans by acknowledging their life force, struggle and sacrifice.

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