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This post is from a message sent to us from Tony Samara...

Removing meat from your diet is essential:

The subject of nutrition is not simply a question of the food we eat at meals. Besides nutrients, foods contain scents, colours and invisible particles that attract pure light, light that is so essential for our joyful life and well-being. The choice we make is therefore always of consequential significance.

The difference between flesh-based and vegetarian foods lies in the amount of sunlight they contain. Fruits and vegetables are so steeped in sunlight, that one could say they are a condensed form of light. In order to develop the qualities of the heart, besides eating peacefully, one needs to eat consciously. This means bringing in the light, eating the concentrated light which contains the beautiful sounds that connect our hearts to the rhythms and invisible aspects of the Universe. This attracts the luminous properties of matter and illuminates your being, especially your thoughts and emotions, not just today, but throughout your experience of your existence on this material plane.

Your future depends on how you eat and what you eat. Your body is your temple and every action within the temple, done with conscious intention, creates a more harmonious outcome. Transcendence happens as you obtain better and more refined particles to replace that which hold the old and limiting particles which colour your experience of this ecstatic universe. The quality of your food, it's physical properties, not only transforms your emotions and mind, but can actually change your appearance and personality. Everything around us is is permeated by forces and those forces become more pure and subtle the further they reach the higher planes of light that exist here in the physical world.

This realm is of a spiritual nature, which transcends limitations and lives in the pureness of your most luminous and open qualities. The secret to opening the treasure-house of food, is the love and compassion attained within your consciousness. The treasure is the sun, condensed into particles, which we can send to all the centres in our bodies. This essential signpost of love reveals to you that at the deepest level, compassion becomes a healing power in the widest sense.

Everyone you come into contact with will be touched by your presence and affected by the healing peace that you radiate. This breaks the cycle of action and reaction. You become light in the world, a reflection of consciousness in the most pure form, illuminating unconsiousness as it dissolves in the light of your new experience. The quality of your consciousness at this very moment determines how you will experience your future. Seek to generate enough light consciousness in order to feel the heightened aliveness so that you recognise and embrace your truth from the space of pure consciousness.

Go more deeply into the source of your experience, where theory and speculation have no voice, rather, your inner experience speaks forcefully.

Tony Samara

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 02/05/09 18:13:27

    Ha - here is a wild catalog of "guruji's" - should you feel a need for one / many -

    I run a consultancy for aspiring guru's!

    Somewhere in my files I have my notes for a "Disposable Guru" project - "Guru's which you can use once / or perhaps several times & then discard / send for recycling" - if anyone is interested to work with me to revive / develop this project please contact me!

    .....tis an amazing business!

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    Posted by meenakshiamman at 02/19/09 01:24:43

    Guruji is a broad term meaning "teacher".

    The highest gurus have been thought to be of the spiritual nature. Many people who aren't qualified for this title take it anyway.

    However there are many gurus...why?

    Well, the spiritual guru is very similar to the traditional western idea of a Vicar/Pastor. The guru is a conduit for the teachings of spirituality that their follower wishes to learn about.
    The guru can be on a personal level, teaching one person at a time or can teach a group of people.

    Just like one chooses a church or pastor that suits them, many people also choose a guru to help them progress spiritually.


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    Posted by magicdave at 08/05/10 06:06:28

    Specifically anatomical, the human body has a digestive system designed for an omnivorous diet. Our digestive system is not long enough to completely and efficiently deal with excessive amounts of cellulose. I am neither vegan nor vegetarian but my focus is squarely on sustainable farming. Organic farming is the best solution to helping our Earth Mother recover from nearly 199 tears of "Industrial Farming."

    My main point in responding to this post is that no matter what we eat, something has to die. Placing more "value" on animals (a living entity) than plant (a living entity) seems absurd to me when speaking about our personal physical sustenance. The problem is that methods used to produce the food. Animals grown specifically for meat need not be sequestered in any form and in fact lead much healthier animals that seem to be very happy. I speak from experience of raising my own organic food including chickens, turkeys, cows, goats, all of the vegetables that will grow in my climate. My animals are all very friendly with me. I always thank them by name for providing my sustenance when I prepare them for consumption. They are grown humanely, their life is ended using quick pain free methods. I do not have any prejudices regarding the diet chosen by anyone but think that as a long time "nutritional healing consultant" humans can have a much healthier life when the body is provided with a diet that the body was designed to utilized most effectively.

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    Posted by jive at 08/05/10 09:06:27

    magicdave, where do i begin...

    1. You make it sound as though a fruit bearing plant dosent want us to eat its fruit.

    2. You say that your animals are friendly to you, and that your repay their friendliness by eating them. (I wonder if you still call your steak by the name of the cow it came from)

    3. Your under the impression that there is such thing as humane killing. "spilling blood is spilling blood, regardless of how or why"

    4. You imply that humans were designd to eat meat. Do you also believe that animals were designed to befriend their predators? Is that something you see in nature? When do you ever see a gazelle and a Lion share the same patch of shade? Maybe the reason your animals seem so comfortable around you, is that they know your are not a real predator.

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