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Almost every religious and spiritual culture honors water as sacred. Vegan Jesus said that He is the Living Water, Vegan Shiva and Vegan Parvati bathe in the hot springs in Manali, Vegan Krishna and the Vegan Gopi Girls bathe in Vrindavan, every Vegan Buddha Temple has water offered at the altar, The American Indians and the Druze pray for rain, Every Hindu worships the Ganga River and washes with water before entering a temple to then pour water on a Vegan Shiva Lingam or a Vegan Krishna statue, the ancient Egyptians worship the Nile, Catholics have holy water and baptismal water, other Cristian sects Baptize with water, the Jews use water in their Passover Seder Plate, Muslims wash with water before entering a Mosque and almost every religion has prayed for rain during drought.

Water is life, water is the origin of life, and life is renewed each time it rains. Every drop of water is filled with microscopic life forms. Vegan Buddha asked his monastic community to use water filters to not hurt the life in water and in so doing, to practice Ahimsa. Vegans prefer to drink reverse osmosis filtered water to not harm life. Our bodies are about 60% water and for babies that percentage is much higher. We must drink water every day to live. Fish live in the water and circulate that water through gills all their lives continuously.

It does not just rain, hail, and snow, there is a very long history of: virga, sprinkles, fog, clouds passing low to the land, floods, rivers, creeks, tributaries, artesian springs, aquifers, ground tables of water, natural mineral waters, natural soda waters, sea waters, springs, hot springs, water sheds, deltas, storms, flash floods, arroyos, hurricanes, typhoons, snow avalanches, ices, frozen ponds, ponds, vernal ponds, water falls, frozen water falls, water sources, icebergs, frozen continents, sub oceanic springs, water currents, ocean waves, tides, lunar tides, solar tides and the list goes on and on.

With water central to all of life, with water sacred, with water recycling constantly, with multiple phases of water all around us all the time, and with everyone composed mostly of water, how can we be running out? And more importantly, how could we ever stoop so low as to pollute our water? To destroy a water source or to desecrate water in any way is to sin against life and to sin against our very humanity.

Perhaps the greatest sin against water and life is to trap water inside of innocent sentiency and then to torment it, torture it, slaughter it and then eat its bloody flesh while letting such sentiency’s waste fill the creeks and rivers with bacterial waste against their free will to kill fish and make all the rivers undrinkable. Like us, animals too are composed mostly of water and like us they are part of the water cycle. We share air, water and life with the animals and fish of this planet. We do not own the water, it is a natural right we share with birds, fish, animals, amphibians and reptiles.

The water footprint of agribusiness animals, dairy and animal products is enormous. Bovine water footprints are 15,415 liters per kilogram of meat. In the US alone, it is estimated that livestock uses approximately 347,000 million gallons of water a day. Milking cows consume about 35 gallons of water each day. Beef is 4 million gallons of water per ton of meat. Vegetables are 85,000 gallons of water per ton to produce. Animal meat production also has led to the burning of the rain forests which directly impacts the water cycle, deforestation which impacts the water cycle, polluted rivers, ruined watersheds, toxification of creeks, high methane levels, enormous amounts of petroleum transportation and has overburdened our water cycle.

The answer to these problems is simple, and it also returns sacredness and purity to water, it will help return our rivers to a drinkable state and will stop the drought problem. Go vegan. If everyone eats organic vegan food only, there is plenty of water to go around, plenty of food for everyone, less suffering on our planet and greater health and vitality in each person which reduces medical costs. This is the true path humanity must walk to find the sacred living waters that will quench our weary endless thirst that wrongful consumerism has created. Water is a doorway to Godliness, it should not be turned into Hellishness. We need to procure our life waters by respecting and controlling the pathway uses of water.

Plants are 85% and higher in their composition of water. This means that plants are very dear like babies, filled with living water and life. Plants are our teachers for whom we must work and we must treat plants with respect. Plants and minerals give us food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and transportation. We need never to hurt another animal to live well. The decision is ours. We can keep this place as a living planet, a blue planet, a water planet of life for ourselves and future generations. We do not need to destroy our planet with pollution, we must not desecrate our planet with animal slaughter, nor should we end all life on our planet with wars; we should never even think that these are acceptable choices. We must do what is right by the Waters of Life we all share and Go Vegan. This explains why every major religion, every major medical institution and every heart knows on Earth that going vegan is correct. It is indeed correct with God, with medical science and nutrition and it is correct with all of life. Go vegan.

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    Posted by flem at 08/07/17 22:43:15

    Who the hell was Vegan Jesus?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/08/17 04:56:44

    Vegan is an honorific term to indicate that the aspect of Vegan God's Son being discussed is his normal, human design and not some carnist animal sacrificing Jewish aspect, nor a carnist surrogate human sacrificing Christian heresy nor some carnist animal sacrificing Muslim fantasia.

    Vegan God or anyone close to Vegan God or works or speaks for Vegan God or is a family relative of Vegan God is vegan. If they are not vegan, they are not close to Vegan God at all.

    From a Vegan Christian viewpoint, Vegan Jesus did the following:

    1. He asked the disciples not to fish, but rather to be fishers of men.

    2. He threw the money changers out of the Temple area who were selling animals to be sacrificed. He knew this to be a great desecration.

    3. He wept for the 'saints' outside the East Gate who were the sacrificed animals and the crucified, tortured and imprisoned people in the occupied territories.

    4. Vegan Jesus most likely divided bread and offered water at the Sermon at the Mount. Constantine's version of Scriptures supports the fishing industry, paying taxation, obedience to the king, the carpentry industry, the wine industry and the olive oil industry which were some of the big money makers of his empire.

    5. Vegan Jesus would not break the singular commandment given directly from Vegan God to all of creation before the fall of man. This is Genesis 1:29. It is the only true Kosher diet, to be vegan.

    Vegan God is a Vegan and supports a vegan lifestyle for both all people and all animals of His creation.

    By your using of a curse word in the same sentence as you write the name of Vegan Jesus indicates that you are pre-vegan and that you do not practice any true religion associated with the Bible. So why do you care about the truth and these authentic vegan religious practices?

    Clean up your act.

    Read Genesis 1:29.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/08/17 05:36:30

    There are two typos, I apologize.

    There is an H missing in the word Christian in the original topic.

    Also in number 3., He wept for the Saints and the Martyrs.

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    Posted by flem at 08/09/17 15:40:51

    What kind of drugs are you taking?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/09/17 19:03:02


    First you use an improper word in the same sentence as the name of Vegan Jesus. Now you implicate yourself with drugs.

    I want you to know that Vegan Christians can exorcise you in the name of Vegan Jesus if your problem is deeper than it already seems.

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    Posted by flem at 08/09/17 19:32:41

    What improper word?

  • Star the magic vegan's avatar
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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/09/17 19:56:22

    You used the word Hell, not in a theological sense, not in a grammatically necessary usage and not to make a point, rather you use it to desecrate other people's religion.

    I know these concepts are new and difficult to face for the first time, but they are true. It is important in life not to kill nor destroy things we do not understand.

    Perhaps your view is different, this does not make it correct nor truthful.

    Learn from others instead of mocking them.

    From my view, Vegan Jesus and Vegan Christianity are minor historical concepts and institutions concerning a minor historical figure. I think it would be much more interesting to discuss Vegan Buddha or Vegan Krishna.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/10/17 00:41:19

    I have not formally addressed Vegan Jesus in a Topic for this forum yet for a good reason. Although my disposition may change, non-vegan Christians have done many wrongful things in history.

    These wrongful acts which disobey their own religious dogma are listed here including but not limited to: the Inquisition, the genocides of the Reformation, the War of the Filioque, the Children's Crusade, the Crusades, the murdering of the Knights Templar, the murder of the Cathars, the genocide of the Native North, South and Central Americans, the genocide of the Australian Aborigines, the genocide, torture and imprisonment of uncountable numbers of Hindus, Buddhists and Jain peoples, Nuking Japan, Napalm dropped on Vietnam, infusing many ancient world cultures with prostitution, owning and trading slaves, selling opium in China, continuing to support the opium trade today in Afghanistan, forced Christian education, destroying indigenous cultures, witch trials, KKK executions, Homophobia persecution and executions continuing to today in places like Uganda and Russia, economic slavery and feudalism, two World Wars, and the list goes on and on.

    Vegan Christianity and Vegan Jesus offers a peaceful more truthful method of practicing Jesus' truest intention. I do not want to deal with Puritan hatred nor Catholic cruelty to simply mention what is already known, that Jesus was a peaceful vegan.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/10/17 00:44:53

    The topic at hand concerns Holy Vegan Water. It is true Vegan Jesus was mentioned in the original topic but he was not the focus of this topic. Let us return to Holy Vegan Water and renew our discussion in the baptismal font of compassion and understanding.

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    Posted by BenjaminEhinger at 08/10/17 02:39:56

    I will also add, read Daniel Chapter 1 in the bible. There's a good reference to what is called a vegetarian diet and how God rewarded it. No dairy was mentioned, so it could have easily been a vegan diet.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/10/17 05:11:13


    You are very astute. Special mention to Daniel 1:8 and 1:12.

    As I understand it, because those men mentioned did not eat meat and did not drink wine, they practiced a Vegan Kosher diet as outlined by Vegan God himself directly in Genesis 1:29. They drank no wine just as anyone who is obedient to the Torah or the Bible would as outlined by Noah. This includes Jesus.

    When they were thrown to the lions, they did not smell like marinating meat as did all the other men that drank and ate meat so the lions did not see them as food. Also they did smell like the lion keepers who drank quite a bit. They did not smell like their abusers and jail keepers to the lions and with the blessing of being obedient to the Torah and the Bible were given a pass by the lions and by Vegan God.

    The term 'Daniel' may have been a title and not a name which goes far back linguistically. Danna or Dana which is the root means both 'giving' in some tongues and 'high priest' in others. Probably the two ideas are meant to be the same. All Danas or high priests are vegan.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/10/17 06:55:05

    What is so very interesting is this:

    The very same water that the Babylonian Lions drank, and the very same water that Vegan Daniel and his vegan men drank instead of alcohol in the dry desert, and the very water that Vegan Jesus made taste like wine and the very same water that Vegan God separated as firmaments at the origin of creation and the very same water that is found in a baptismal font and the very same water that a Hindu pours over a Vegan Shiva Lingam and the very same water that Vegan Buddha drank and the very same water found offered at every Buddhist temple and the very same water that Vegan Krishna referred to when he said that He is the taste of water is all the very same water. It is the same water that composes me and the water that composes you and the water that is 85% of all of plant life. It is all the very same water. It is the same water of the clouds above and the river below. It is not similar water, it is the exact same water. It is also the water found as ice in the glaciers in the Himalayas and on the North and South poles. It is all the same water.

    Modern computer scientists have found that for ultra advanced super conductor computing that can handle torrents of information for advanced artificial intelligence, they will have to use large pools and huge vats of water for memory because only pure water can sustain the memory load and handle the speed of advanced computations. You see, water is the perfect holder for memory.

    Water is life, water is memory and it does not just cycle and recycle and move through phases, but it also reincarnates.

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