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Vegan Hanuman Deva is alive and well, teaching all people of every world about the greatness of Vegan Ramachandra Deva. Vegan Hanuman has always been a raw vegan fruitarian. Like most fruitarians and raw foodists, he will occasionally have cooked food or vegetables but only on rare occasions or when fruit is unavailable. His vegan status, however, is unwavering and non-negotiable.

When Vegan Rama left this material world, thousands of his dearest followers submerged their loss in a lake of tears and sorrow, to see such a great being leave. Before going, Vegan Rama asked Vegan Hanuman to remain forever upon this Earth and to always teach future generations of the story of Vegan Rama.

Vegan Hanuman is alive today and he loves to eat bread fruit, bananas, coconuts, dates, durian, lychees, rambutans, loquats, guavas, papayas, nuts, and mangos but will settle for all melons, peaches, apricots, nectarines, pears, persimmons, pomegranates, cherimoyas, avocados, and he likes the new addition of pluots as well as many other fruits. When he eats grain, it is almost always millet especially when it is cooked in water mixed with sugar cane juice.

Usually people are fruitarian after bouts with drugs and alcohol to help restore liver functions with a complex array of sugars. Vegan Hanuman is a devout Hindu, dedicated to Vegan Sri Sri Rama Deva Ji and so he never touches alcohol, nor drugs nor does he ever smoke; instead he meditates and chants the names of Vegan Rama Deva endlessly with each breath. Vegan Hanuman Deva needs the sugars from diverse fruits to give him lift when he flies. One must understand that Vegan Hanuman is a different species of human than modern man like the Neanderthals or the Cro-Magnons and is somewhat ape or monkey like in appearance, but he is a God, and he flies through our skies and even into outer space, as he conducts very magical pastimes.

Vegan Sri Hanuman Deva Ji is the oldest and greatest raw vegan fruitarian on Earth.

Nama Vegan Hanuman Deva Ki Jaya.

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