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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Feeling Alone Since Becoming Vegetarian Hi, I am a baby in the vegetarian/vegan/raw world having only started a few months ago... I've never been much of a meat eater except for junk food and always liked to think of myself as an animal rights advocate... after the realisation that I was a huge hypocrite in this area (haha) I immediately knew I had to become vegetarian... The change itself wasn't so hard given I had never really eaten much meat prior but the effect it seemed to have on the people around me was the most surprising... now don't get me wrong I expected some backlash but I really thought the people closest to me would be more supportive. My partner didn't really seem bothered about the change, except he had no-one to eat junk with anymore haha... his mother kept asking me daily if I wanted meat products and when I would remind her, she'd say something along the lines of "Oh you're still doing that then..." My father being a fisherman insisted that being a vegetarian meant I could still eat fish... and then I was of course told "I could do it if I could eat fish" and then "really? No fish?" My cousin whom is like a brother to me informed me that it was a "faze" and that I'd get over it... My best friend and her partner have continually asked "but don't you like meat?" Every.Darn.Visit... All that aside I've enjoyed being Vegetarian... and recently decided to have 2 days a week raw/vegan, no particular reason other than I'd already stopped dairy products after learning about what happens to dairy cows and their calves... (I love cows btw... so this was a big no no)... But I've realised recently that I've been feeling very lonely since becoming a vegetarian.... my partner refuses to have meals with me now... leaving me to cook and eat by myself... my friends don't invite me to dinner anymore... And just this morning (one of my vegan days) I suggested to my partner that I make him sorbet for breakfast (my new favourite breakfast) and he tells me that he feels like he's dating a completely different person... that he finds it hard to accept and remember that I'm vegetarian... that it's a turn off that I don't eat meat anymore.... Now my partner was the one person I thought didn't really mind the change as long as I didn't force it on him (which I never did. Never once did I mention his eating preferences.) So in the sense that he didn't mind, I thought I had that one shred of support... but now... I don't know any vegans/vegetarians... I used to love cooking for people and myself, now no-one wants a bar of it... I just don't know what to do... I just feel very lonely now... If you have any advice at all please send it... I'm sick of feeling like this and would appreciate the support xx I hope you're all having a fantastic day :) Post Date: 09/26/17, Replies: 7 09/26/17 7
Vegan powered milk? Hello everyone. I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years but felt guilty about eating meat for years leading up to that. I've been procrastinating veganism the same way I did with vegetarianism back then. The road to veganism is definetly a process for me and I'm quite proud of how close I'm getting. I no longer buy any animal products at home and I'm finding it easy to keep healthy out of the house since discovering a few vegan brands such as ilumi that do gluten free vegan pot noodles that I absolutely love! Also I'm big into raw vegan baking so always have a little something in my handbag. However my biggest downfall is when somebody offers me a cup of tea, I can't drink it black and i always seem to accept and end up drinking cows milk. Not only do I feel a bit guilty drinking it but it leaves me with a terrible bloated tummy (my tummy has felt much better since following a almost vegan diet) Any advice on powdered vegan milk with a long shelf life that I could carry in my handbag would be greatly appreciated. I drink unsweetened soy milk at home so anything with a similar taste to that. I'm also on the lookout for a vegan cheese, I've got my eye on a cashew and nutritional yeast blend which I've heard is meant to be yummy on top of meals as an alternative to hard cheese. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Post Date: 09/22/17, Replies: 1 09/22/17 1
What if Gollum went vegan? He wouldn't be stuck in a cave eating fish... He might even be healthy? Post Date: 09/21/17, Replies: 0 09/21/17 0
Buying emergency food kits ive been shopping for emergency food with a long shelf life. It is hard for me to tell if the food is actually vegetarian. Does anyone have info on this? Post Date: 09/19/17, Replies: 4 09/19/17 4
Coin-operated Veganism I spotted a "Green Rendezvous" vending machine last week at St Pancras Railway Station whilst waiting for the Eurostar train to Brussels. This machine was in the inner-waiting area for the train on the other side of check-in/customs. I must admit that I had already purchased sandwiches in the main terminus so did not use the machine but I was intrigued by the slogans of “Handmade, Organic. High Proteins, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Sustainable, Ecofriendly and Free Range.” I considered upgrading my existing lunch but didn’t quite fancy the sight of a salad in a jar. It just didn’t look that tempting – and how long had it been in the jar? And I wasn’t convinced that such a delivery method could really be called “Sustainable” or “Ecofriendly” using plastic jars to retail salad. During my 40 minutes waiting to board the train a lot of people strolled up to the machine, some even dug into their pockets for change. However, for one reason or another all walked away and the vending machine was not used once. On this basis I assume this business model is flawed. Has anybody else had experience of the Green Rendez-Vous? Post Date: 09/19/17, Replies: 1 09/19/17 1
Replacement for flatout flatbread? Hi there - noob here looking to replace a product I enjoy with a vegan friendly alternative. 1. Flatout breads - I like these because they're low calorie (90 calories), high fiber and high protein. Unfortunately they contain an offending ingredient. Can anyone suggest a good replacement that meets the same calorie/protein/fiber needs? Is there a good app for that kind of thing? 2. Bread in general - Any good suggestions for brands to purchase that don't contain any animal products? Any good way to tell if what appears to be a vegan friendly menu item actually contains animal products (breads, pits, etc. when out to eat)? Thanks in advance! Post Date: 09/19/17, Replies: 1 09/19/17 1
Crazy rabbits and a pride of my father My father, a doctor and working in a biotech company, I can finally now describe how helped me to veganism. When I was a teenager, (mainly) my mother had a friend. This friend had a family whom "had" rabbits. Two of those rabbits, while relatively young, my parents took in. Literally took in. They got an entire terrace and a fence they could escape - often running around in our gardens and neighbourhood. For this I am pride of my father especially. Looking at how the common rabbits lives its life; in a cage - pacing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Chewing manically on food - I can imagine unable to taste and enjoy the food. Imagine the microbiology in such a place. Now imagine how insane those rabbits must become and how that affects the children growing up around them, affects people in the environment and if you want to go ice cold about it: How it affects the workforce and output value. Why is it so hard to have animals running around freely? I mean most of us know the killer rabbit from monty python, but seriously? Post Date: 09/19/17, Replies: 2 09/19/17 2
Am I cheating? I have been vegan for 5 years now. Nothing is more disgusting than meat to me. I am proud to be vegan, and love animals so much. I can never stand suffering of any animals. I even save spiders and put them outside instead of hurting them. I never have ANY desire to eat meat or dairy. BUT, there are places, ONLY with pastries, I sometimes have them, made with dairy and eggs. This problem happens once a year or twice a year. For example, a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and Mexican sweet breads or Cuban Portos bakeries guava pastry. They have been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember. But can't eat them. Is this really bad, please give me your opinions. Post Date: 09/17/17, Replies: 4 09/17/17 4
Leather shoes and clothing Hello everybody I have been vegetarian for a about 2 years now and I recently reduced consuming dairy product and eggs but totally stopped drinking milk. I never wore fur and always been against it but naively I thought leather was ok thinking it was a byproduct of animal (likee made of "rests", therefore a form of recycling). I learned today that sometimes it could be made from calfskin or any other animal ? This is so sickening!!! Is it true ?! The thing is I recently bought a new pair of shoes and just realised it was pure leather. What do you guys exactly know about leather industry? Are the rumours real ? Do any of you still wearing leather ? I feel horrible and wanna throw my new pair of boots but i feel like that on the top of everything it will be a waste of money and that the damaged is done already. What would you do ? Sorry i know how naive it was, I should have think twice before purchasing these shoes. Anita Post Date: 09/17/17, Replies: 3 09/17/17 3
Extreme Weight Loss as Vegan Hello! A bit about me. I started watching what I eat back at the start of the Summer 2017. I weighed about 308 give or take a lb. I started to count my calories and got down to 275 back at the end of July with walking/jogging and yard work. At this time, I learned about Veganism and took the dive. It was super easy though and haven't looked back since. My question right now is the weight loss has been consistent at about 2 to 3.6 lbs a week. Last week I weighed in at 257 and this morning I weighed in at 250, which was a 7 lb loss. I'm eating my calories as needed per Myfitnesspal and if I am hungry, I'm finding something to eat. Just wondered if anyone else has had such a sudden drop in weight too like this. As extra notes, I am making sure that I use MFP for my minerals and vitamins to make sure to try and reach the DV for everything. I take my vegan multi-vitamin supplement. My B12 is a stronger dose so I only do it twice a week though I drink a lot of soy milk and probably get my B12. I add my chia seeds to meals until I decide on the algae oil. Post Date: 09/11/17, Replies: 0 09/11/17 0
Vegan Beauty Products! Hello guys, Hope everyone here is doing great so far. I need your help and suggestion. I am looking for a Vegan Beauty Products. Which vegan products do use mate? Can you share your tips with me. However, I heard a lot about "Ardent Vegan Products" and also used it over 3 months. Overall, I am happy to use this. But I would like to know about vegan beauty products too. I will wait for your reply. Thanks! Post Date: 09/09/17, Replies: 1 09/09/17 1
Purchasing from solely vegan companies As a vegan, I always felt it was important that I supported small companies that were fully vegan rather than purchasing from large corporations that have begun offering vegan products because they realize there is a market for it. While I do think there has to be a balance because more vegan options from large companies that have a large reach help our cause overall, would you purchase from a solely vegan company if able to? Post Date: 09/08/17, Replies: 2 09/08/17 2
Iron in dark green veggies... The green in veggies has a magnesiun core. Why is it that women are encourage to eat dark green for their iron content, especially during their period? Post Date: 09/08/17, Replies: 0 09/08/17 0
Feeling when you are vegetarian When you are vegetarian, how do you find yourself? Post Date: 09/07/17, Replies: 3 09/07/17 3
Tech magazine by vegans? I have a feeling that the writing of a person reflects how a person eats, especially how a person consumes knowledge and what the person reads. Do you know of any tech magazine by vegan authors? I've begun the journey of vegan music =} Post Date: 09/05/17, Replies: 0 09/05/17 0
Tastiest Tofu? Hello! I'm new to Happy Cow and have been living a plant-based diet for about 8 weeks now and feel great! I'm experimenting with different recipes and am looking for a tofu brand that tastes very mild, without the "nutty" taste. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!! Post Date: 09/05/17, Replies: 8 09/05/17 8
Sending letters to encourage Restaurants I was disappointed discovering a restaurant that I will be visiting with family soon has no Vegan options, and 2-3 Vegetarian side salad dishes. Reading other reviews online about this place shows that it has excellent customer service and a highly responsive Facebook page. I plan to send a polite message requesting a plant-based healthy option before arriving, but I also think this restaurant could be receptive to becoming Vegetarian friendly on a permanent basis. I was wondering if anyone else in this community has written letters or started conversations with people working in the Restaurant about adding Vego dishes to their menus. Would it be presumptive telling chefs that they don't need to include animal flesh or animal products in all of their dishes? The main culprit is butter... Post Date: 09/05/17, Replies: 1 09/05/17 1
Veganism for Dogs. Yay or Nay? I am brand new to veganism, i use to be a vegetarian for two years. I am interested to know wether it be wise to feed my dog a vegan diet? Post Date: 09/05/17, Replies: 3 09/05/17 3
Happy Labor Day holiday Happy Labor Day holiday to all vegans and vegetarians in the U.S. I picked cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, a mess of green string beans, and okra from my organic garden yesterday. Plus, went out to a rural area farm and bought peaches and cream corn on the cob. Add a baked photo and batbecue style tofu sticks, and my family is eating well. Dessert is peaches and pluots with homemade blueberry and 14 ingredient grain and nut cookies. No refined sugar. Use homemade applesauce for an alternate sweetener. Peace and blessings to everyone and everything on the Earth. We all share the planet. Thankful to be alive at this time of positive uplifting change on Earth. Post Date: 09/04/17, Replies: 0 09/04/17 0
Vegan with cat (food)? Alright, so I became a vegetarian around 3 yrs ago, and been vegan for about a year. I was turned (from being a voracious carnivore) by an intellectual argument with a friend (which I think, more than anything, just made me face what I already always knew). The intellectual questions I wrestled with after becoming vegetarian I eventually resolved by becoming vegan -- however the conundrum I am pondering now I am unable to resolve. And I am reminded of it every time I crack open a can of food for my two cats. Cats, unlike people, have clearly not evolved for a vegan diet. They are carnivores through and through. So to keep them, I must feed them meat, which I am only able to get, really, through industrial agriculture, as all cat food is made through the "byproducts" of this grizzly industry. So I essentially sustain the happiness of my cats through the suffering of other creatures. But what alternative is there, really? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, Andrey Post Date: 08/30/17, Replies: 23 08/30/17 23
Being vegan and having non-vegan friends/f First off, I'd just like to mention I stopped eating meat in February and decided to go completely vegan a month ago. I found this past month to be difficult, the longer I'm terms of being around my friends and family who aren't vegan. I don't expect them to be vegan because I am, but I find it extremely difficult to be around my friends because they refuse consider what I say about veganism. I'm very passionate about it and it's hard knowing that my closest friends laugh at facts I've shared or simply dont share any similar views. Although, all my friends love animals but don't want to hear about where their meat and dairy really comes from. Does anyone else feel this way? For me it's more challenging that I don't have any friends who are genuinely interested in what I have to say, or even discussing it..leaving me feeling alone on this amazing journey of feeling healthier and more knowledgeable. Post Date: 08/30/17, Replies: 2 08/30/17 2
Getting Other People to Be Veg*an? Greetings, I have a question--have any of you here successfully gotten someone else to become a vegetarian or a vegan? The reason I ask is because that is one of the most powerful ways to make the world better, for so many reasons, but yet once one is a vegan, then to multiply the positive effect one has on this world due to not eating meat and other animal products, one kind of has to spread the message and convince others to follow. Of course, there are all too many people who aren't very receptive to this message, even a lot of people who I would consider to otherwise be quite liberal and willing to change their lifestyle. So for those of you who have found success, what did you do? I am guessing one thing that helps is connecting more to people's hearts, which can be a bit difficult for someone like me in the scientific community (just all the facts about veganism is good enough for me--for example, with meat production being a huge generator of greenhouse gases, or even the antibiotic resistance caused by the meat industry would by themselves be almost sufficient for me to become vegetarian or vegan if I were somehow still eating meat). But most people aren't convinced that easily. (What got me to originally be a vegetarian at age 18 was simply losing my appetite at the thought of animals being slaughtered, but I didn't really have much appetite for meat beforehand, so I can't fully empathize with those who might like meat but otherwise understand our message.) So, I am a bit frustrated that I haven't yet changed anybody to become vegan. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps there are only a few of us who are good enough at leading to really touch others in a big way like this. For now, I do a lot of small things, including bringing in good foods like fruits and nuts for the break room table at work for people to snack on (though that's also to offset the junk food that coworkers sometimes bring in) and take people to vegetarian/vegan restaurants when they visit or otherwise want to meet up with me (and of course recommend those restaurants (and various foods/dishes) to people I might not normally eat with). Obviously, I contribute vegan food whenever there's a food drive as well. Any thoughts? Thanks! Post Date: 08/29/17, Replies: 12 08/29/17 12
6wk Clinical Study on Diet- enrolling NOW Have you been considering changing your diet? We are looking for participants who are willing to switch their diet from either a Standard American Diet (SAD) or vegetarian diet to a plant-based/vegan diet for 6 weeks, The research study, called LIFE, on diet and nutrition is enrolling through August 25th (or until enrollment is full). The research study will evaluate the effect of a plant-based diet on body composition (weight, body fat percentage, and BMI) and biomarkers that are key indicators of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes (Serum lipid profile: ldl, hdl, total cholesterol, serum hemoglobin A1c (HgA1c), serum c-reactive protein (CRP), serum glucose, and blood pressure). If you are age 18-70, and are interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet for 6 weeks, you may qualify for the study. Eligible participants receive valuable education and information about their health as well as free one-on-one support throughout the study. Email: [email protected] or PM me to see if you qualify to be a part of the LIFE Study. **There is no cost to participate. There is a set of inclusion criteria you must meet to participate. You will be required to see your primary care physician for lab work which will NOT be paid for by the study. (If you have insurance it will cover this routine visit and laboratory tests) **We are based in Newport Beach, CA but you can participate from a remote location. Thank you. Jenna Taylor, MD Post Date: 08/25/17, Replies: 1 08/25/17 1
Excellent All Around Vegan Website... Hi again all. I stumbled on a great website and just couldn't help but share it. Apologies if it's already somewhere here, but if it is I haven't seen it. It is by far the most concise rebuttal to arguments against veganism that I have seen to date, and is brilliantly put together. It also touches on many subjects important to veganism, has sources cited, and links to other reading. It is quite long and wordy, but I would highly recommended that everyone read even a portion of it if you haven't already. The web page is titled "But Lions Eat Meat" (I think), and the site itself is "vegan Future Now". If you click on the logo at the top of the page it will take you to their homepage. All-in-all an excellent resource. Copy and paste the URL below into your browser search: Post Date: 08/23/17, Replies: 2 08/23/17 2
Raise Vegan Awareness with Go Vegan TShirt Raise Vegan Awareness with Go Vegan TShirt. Save the Animals. All lives matter. Post Date: 08/22/17, Replies: 0 08/22/17 0
Super easy vegetarian/vegan/raw recipes Hey guys! Started an Instagram @weekday_vegetarian to document what I eat since I'm a new sometimes vegetarian/ mostly vegan and would love some support (follow 👍🏼) or any suggestions on re-creating favorite dishes to be healthier and vegan 😊 I include all ingredients and directions right in the post! Post Date: 08/20/17, Replies: 0 08/20/17 0
Emphasizing Community We are all part of the Happy Cow Community. It is refreshing to be with like minded vegans and vegetarians. I enjoy reading the daily posts, as do most of you. I like to interact and share thoughts and ideas. I always read what people write. I think about it. I seldom don't agree with what someone writes. I try to look at all points of view. This is what constitutes community. This is our vegan and vegetarian community. In the coming months, community is going to become more important. As vegans and vegetarians, we can be a beacon of light for the people and animals in the world. We are all part of the Earth community. Feel it, be it, live it. Peace and blessings to all of you. Post Date: 08/18/17, Replies: 0 08/18/17 0

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