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The California Right To Know campaign, Yes on 37.
To label GMO foods. This is an issue that will resonate with vegans and vegetarians because it helps to identify the nature of the products you eat and GMO technology is not friendly to nature.
Please "like" Yes on 37 on Facebook and help build some momentum and education over this important issue.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 07/24/12 20:44:28

    What a fantastic campaign! All European countries, Japan, China and India label GMO foods. It's insane to me that genetically modified foods are not required to be labeled in the United States.

    Here's the campaign's website:

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 07/24/12 20:56:53

    p.s. Here is an excellent article on GMO's and their connection to veganism:

    Quoting from article, "The real reason GMOs exist is to make multi-national corporations – corporations that have been profiting from the destruction of humans' and other animals' lives and the ruination of the environment for a hundred years – richer, at the expense of, well, humans and other animals, and the environment."

    And here is the Vegan Society's position on GMO's: "In keeping with its vegan ethic, the Vegan Society is totally against the use of animal genes or animal substances in the development and production of GMOs. The Vegan Society believes that all foods that contain, may contain, or have involved GMOs should be clearly labelled."

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    Posted by 1rax at 08/20/12 16:35:42

    lol If I lived in California...sure I'd care. But living ALLLL the way up in is pointless.

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    Posted by AConferenceOfPears at 10/07/12 10:55:47

    Although there is GM labelling here in the UK, a product can contain a certain amount of GM without needing a label. Here is the extract from the Food Standards Agency website:

    "On 18 April 2004, new rules for GM labelling came into force in all EU Member States.

    The GM Food and Feed Regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 lays down rules to cover all GM food and animal feed, regardless of the presence of any GM material in the final product.

    This means products such as flour, oils and glucose syrups have to be labelled as GM if they are from a GM source.

    Products produced with GM technology (cheese produced with GM enzymes, for example) do not have to be labelled.

    Products such as meat, milk and eggs from animals fed on GM animal feed also do not need to be labelled. Details on the labelling rules can be found on the table below.

    Any intentional use of GM ingredients at any level must be labelled. However, the Food and Feed Regulation provides for a threshold for the adventitious, or accidental, presence of GM material in non-GM food or feed sources. This threshold is set at 0.9% and only applies to GMOs that have an EU authorisation. The temporary threshold of 0.5% for the presence of GM material not yet authorised, but that had a favourable assessment from an EU scientific committee, expired in April 2007. This means that such unauthorised GM material cannot be present at any level."

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    Posted by groovychick at 10/07/12 17:04:24

    Right on man! It is our right to know what is in our food. I am not old enough to vote but my mom said that she will vote however I want. So yeah, definately yes on 37.

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