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Anencephaly is a condition which causes a baby animal to be born without a brain. These animals are blind, deaf, unconscious, and unable to feel pain. When these animals reach maturity they can breed via artificial insemination creating more animals with Anencephaly. Slaughtering these animals wouldn't have the same ethical implications as slaughtering animals with brains.

Would you consider eating meat if it came from an animal with Anencephaly?

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    Posted by tofutus at 02/24/13 06:13:45

    Personally, I wouldn't eat any kind of meat whether Anencephaly or grown somehow from a test tube. I had a meat eating friend ask me this once and I guess he just didn't understand. After several years of being vegetarian I'd be grossed out to eat any meat regardless of whether it came from a sentient being or not.

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    Posted by aCountryVegan at 02/24/13 18:37:31

    Since I originally went vegan for my health, there is no way I would eat this meat. From what little reading I have done it does not seem to happen that often naturally in animals and sounds like you would have to induce it in the fetus by some external means to start to mass produce this stuff. So how would this be any different from the other Franken-animals that science wants to create. If you are going to do that you might as well just clone animal parts for human consumption.

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    Posted by mama2boys at 02/25/13 08:28:55

    I certainly wouldn't want to eat the meat. Even though it is suppose to be "safe" we cannot know for sure if there is some tainting of the meat. The thought of eating this really turns my stomach

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    Posted by Cascadian at 02/25/13 10:15:30

    No, NO! and -insert curse word of choice here- NO!!

    Nor this:

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    Posted by alaina616 at 03/25/13 13:05:26

    No, if someone did this to a human, or a human in a vegetable state, it would be deemed as abuse inhumane, yadda yadda. I hold animals in higher regard so no, no, no.

    I also wouldn't want to eat any meat no matter where or how it was created, test tube or otherwise.

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    Posted by ccahalan at 03/28/13 08:28:49

    umm, I would. Is anyone going to get mad at me? It seems diverstiy-inciting to add my answer (being the only divergent), I am vegetarian for moralistic purposes and suffer from same slew of social tormentation, "you can't eat out at xxx with us," it seems so likely more of such folks could become- as close as they'd get- ancephelovegetarian- to it, rather than instant-upon-thought set against compassionate diet with "you won't eat this delicious thing with us," etc. and anticipating how other vegs like myself could be delivered out of such same straights I would say yes, i would. I would rarely as to just be able to yield to social events.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/28/13 13:08:47

    @ ccahalan You realize that the calf would still have a brain. If you actually ate this don't call your self even vegetarian. I know you haven't but how anencephaly works is the cow is born. In order for anencephaly cows to be mass produced they would have to do something to healthy calf's brains. The animals that have this condition are still alive and have some parts of the brain still working. Why would you want to eat the flesh of a murdered animal anyway

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    Posted by irishmouse at 03/31/13 09:04:43

    I would never eat this meat, and for several reasons. Raising animals with this condition specifically for a food source strikes me as unethical to the extreme. Animals with neurological conditions represent a threat to the person ingesting the meat too, as in mad cow disease. The whole "the animal doesn't feel pain" sentence is suspect too, as we really have a lot to learn about people who seem to be in altered states such as coma and what they feel, hear, and are aware of. The same would apply to animals.

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