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Hey everyone at Happy Cow! Glad to be a part of the community.

I recently created a website (not another blog) dedicated to changing the conversation on eating meat from a divisive, emotionally-charged issue to one backed by scientific evidence. This website,, explains the major reasons to eat less meat in a clear, concise, and easily-accessible way in the hopes of gaining broad support without being preachy.

If you give it a chance and check it out, I'm sure you'll find it useful. Feel free to share, especially the next time someone asks you why you don't eat meat! I also hope that this isn't seen as spam - I have no financial stake in the website, and it isn't another vegetarian blog, it's just a personal passion that I feel can really make a difference.

Thanks so much!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/06/15 07:52:56

    All decisions are made with an emotional aspect. Just "wanting" to make a choice is an expression of an emotion.

    I assume that you're referring to the part of the issue that has to do with compassion for the animals that people eat, and I see that as just as important as anything else, if not more important. I believe strongly in the Golden Rule, and have always been saddened that humans came up with the rule, but apply it only (sometimes)to their own kind.

    I've always looked at the "eat less meat" kind of like telling alcoholics to just drink a little less. If the big picture tells us that consuming meat has more drawbacks than benefits, why not try to phase it out altogether?

    I'm not claiming that the whole world can go vegan, but for those who have a choice, the choice would quite naturally be based on knowledge AND compassion (which is my personal definition of "wisdom").

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    Posted by MirandaThompson at 03/31/15 06:39:12

    I thought it was a lovely website. It definitely wasn't in your face with facts, but it showed why meat is not good for anyone. I'm creating a website for women vegetarians and I like the way you took a stance on things. I want to talk about animal cruelty without being extremely graphic but enough to shock people and I think you did a really good job with that. Not everyone can go meatless, but everyone can know the facts and make the decision to eat less of it and to not give their money to factory farms.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/01/15 08:45:02

    Well said.

    Oftentimes, vegans forget that a huge portion of the human population doesn't have much for options. People in war zones, refugees, and the millions of subsistence farmers who have lost their small family farms to corporate theft. Also, of course, folks who live in the far north.

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