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I am after a vegan shoe polish, in black, that I can purchase in the UK. I don't think that Kiwi and other mainstream brands are vegan.

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    Posted by louis at 02/21/10 12:33:28

    I should add that I've already got Vegetarian shoes' polish and am after another brand to try.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 02/21/10 16:57:49

    what's the deal w shoe polish? what makes it not vegan? thanks in advance for informing me.

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    Posted by louis at 02/22/10 04:44:02

    apparently many brands contain lanolin/beeswax etc

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    Posted by kathy0685 at 04/19/10 21:55:08

    Hey there,

    There's one on the UK Vegetarian Shoe website.

    There may be a few others around but maybe not in the UK.

    Best of luck

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