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i have been vegan for half a year now and am really into it. i have read a lot about the topic and found out, that it seems to be necessary to take omega 3-pills.

unfortunately all pills i`ve seen are made of fishparts and of course i don`t want them.
does anybody know a brand or place i can get some vegan omega-3-pills?
and is there something more i necessarily need to take as pills?

answers would be great!!!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 07/08/09 08:39:28

    A great source of vegan omega 3's is flaxseed and flaxseed oil. If you do the flax seeds, make sure they are ground up so you get the oil out of them (if you eat them whole, many of them will just pass through without much digestion). Walnuts also are a good source of omega 3's.

    Just a note: this information is solely for educational purposes and is in no way to replace an actual medical visit. This website has a wealth of excellent information from a lot of great minds but please remember if you have any medical concerns or needs please see your medical doctor or healthcare provider.

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    Posted by Kittie at 07/27/09 04:23:28

    You can also get them from canola oil, walnuts, hemp seeds,and soybeans.

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    Posted by broccolina at 07/30/09 01:29:21

    Thanks so much for your advice!

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    Posted by Nesska at 08/09/09 21:35:08

    Another great source is Chia seeds :-)

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    Posted by Jeffrey at 10/18/09 16:57:56

    Although nuts and seeds have lots of Omega 3's, what you might be looking for is called DHA. The majority of DHA comes from fish oils, but there are a handful of companies that sell DHA made from farmed algae. I have heard vegan health experts say that consuming DHA is greatly beneficial to a healthy brain. It is a little on the expensive side, but apparently well worth it. Ask the worker in your local health food store about vegan DHA.

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    Posted by Eugene Nyunt. at 10/19/09 11:21:09

    It's true - a vegetarian and vegan diet is likely to be lacking in Omega 3; it's needed for good skin and brain function, and together with B12 should be a priority. Flax and the oil derived from it is the obvious source. Your local health food outlet might be your best bet. I personally don't like either in their straight form, so just take vegi-capsules instead. You don't need much each day.

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    Posted by minirunner2 at 10/30/09 12:06:06

    I have a nutrition software program and I have entered my daily diet into it and it is possible to get omega 3's without fish, flax, walnuts or chia.

    Many foods we regularly consume contain omega 3's, the reason we think we need a supplement is because supplement companies want us to believe that. Leafy greens contain omega 3's, even bananas have a trace amount. If you eat a highly processed vegan diet you may not get enough but if you eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole foods you will be just fine.

    We only need a tiny amount of omega's and if we consume too much it can actually thin the blood too much leading to health problems so it is better to get it from a whole food diet than a supplement.

    You should not supplement unless you are having symptoms of deficiency such as dry, itchy skin.

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    Posted by thinkingfield at 10/30/09 12:53:48

    There are 2 vegan omega 3 oils that i know that are dha/epa. one brand is 'pure one' the other brand is 'v-pure'. any vegan online store has them. here are 2:

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    Posted by Tatiana at 10/30/09 13:52:34

    As a side note, one very important component that is quite often missed is that the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is very important. They compete for sites in our cells, so in an omega 6 rich diet, which is very common in America, omega 3 doesn't have much chance to get into our cells to do their job. So if someone adds omega 3 to their diet but still consumes a huge amount of omega 6 in comparison, they aren't doing themselves much good.

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    Posted by shaz at 10/30/09 15:51:52

    If you want a vegan pill option for Omega 3, Health From The Sun right now (they have not always had it available)has evening primose and flax oil in a vegan pill. They also make a gelatin pill one, so make sure you get the right one. You will pay more for this vegan option. Also some other good choices are any flax oil in liquid which is easily available and inexpensive usually, and barleans makes a strawberry flavored vegan one that is delicious. They also make a borage and flax oil blueberry pomegranate with added plant based Dha that is vegan.

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    Posted by sirhc at 10/31/09 04:21:42

    If you are ok with big supermarkets, both Sainsbury's and Tesco sell Omega 3 for vegetarians. Not sure whether they are vegan, but worth checking out

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    Posted by sirhc at 10/31/09 08:44:37

    I have since checked the Tesco ones and they are definitely vegan

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    Posted by sirhc at 10/31/09 08:48:29

    That's for those in the UK btw

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    Posted by Chgo_Liz at 10/31/09 08:59:54

    Long story short, it's virtually impossible in the US to get a non-gelatin DHA pill, and at this point in time entirely impossible to get a a non-gelatin gummie DHA pill (can you tell I have kids??!).

    Deva makes a capsule that has vegan "gelatin" in it. Hard for young kids to swallow, but no problem older kids and adults. That's our main choice.

    There are several oil options. Look in the refrigerated section of the vitamins & supplements section of your health food store. Unfortunately, no one in our family likes this option. If you are in the habit of making smoothies, it's simple to put in at the last minute and then you can't taste or feel it. That seems to be the only palatable way to take it.

    Finally, Healthy To Go makes a vegan "Omega To Go" powder which you mix with water and drink. That's the best choice for my youngest, and I like it too, but it doesn't have as much DHA per serving.

    Check Veganessentials or Pangea for these options if they're not at your local store (which they almost certainly won't be). Healthy To Go has its own website, too.


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    Posted by Sonja and Dirk at 10/31/09 10:20:38

    I take vegetarian DHA pills made by Spectrum (no fish oil or gelatin). I bought them from Whole Foods. They make a toddler formula too as well as flax oil with added DHA. Here's their website:

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    Posted by Felicity at 11/01/09 04:14:03

    For those in the UK, sells Cerebrum Capsules, which are "Vegetarian Algal Omega 3 DHA".

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    Posted by Sashamy at 11/01/09 11:16:39

    Udo's Choice has the DHA blend made from Algaes :) It's a great source to Omega 3.

    The problem with Omega 3 from Flaxseed oil is that it is only around 5 % of the population who can make DHA from the oils. So use the DHA from algaes instead. :)
    Just remember - sorry vegans - that if the fish eats the algaes, the DHA source is broken into smaller pieces for the human body to use more easily.

    Solaray has products without the use of gelatine from animals. But you have to call them. Sometimes it is written on the package.

    Hope you got the answer you needed :D

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    Posted by anetad at 07/06/10 05:47:34

    There's quite new plant-based source of omega 3 fatty acids (SDA acid, that can be converted into EPA, DHA in the body). It's better source of healthy essential fats than most known sources. It's called Echiomega manufactured in UK). For details about this vegetarian / vegan omega 3 see:

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    Posted by groovychick at 03/09/12 09:55:44

    Walnuts, flaxseeds, and plant-based oils such as olive oil have omega-3s. Your body does not need that many omega-3s so don't freak out about it,man.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/11/12 16:52:12

    Olive oil is actually not a good source of omega-3 fats. It is a healthy fat as it's unsaturated, but it is not a good source of omega 3. Canola oil is a good source for use in cooking (since you can't cook with walnut or flaxseed oil).

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