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All your Boca burgers? Owned by Kraft...

Dilemma about buying a local juice or Odwalla... think Coca cola or community.

Actually at Farm Aid a few yrs ago I talked w the guys from Sil/White Wave who sponsored the event and asked them who they were owned by. They denied and looked at me sideways. Well, Dean it is.. . I use their Silk for my coffee admittedly...

Personally I will try to ween myself from these products/companies. I already have done a fairly good job of that, but not completely yet. Though, while I do use them, it has brought my attn to the fact that most of these corps usually have coupons, so seek those out if you do use them...

This is the link for investment ties...

All of this is as of 2007. Also from

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/04/09 13:31:33

    Great info, KL! I think this is definitely something people need to know about. More of that "know where your food comes from" type of idea. I think I am very lucky where I live that I can often support local companies/farms/producers, but I think this can be much more challenging to a lot of people in other parts of our nation. A great reminder, and one I definitely needed, thanks!

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/04/09 14:30:04

    I have evolved to largely real food, not often packaged. But I know that is not always the case and info is important.

    Thanks Tatiana

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    Posted by funchy at 08/16/09 09:19:39

    It's impossible to block out all evil corporate bad food types. Your soy milk may or may not be Monsanto soybeans, depending on brand. A replacement for animal fat, coconut oil, keeps natives of small islands poor as their land is taken for large elite coconut growing plantations. A replacement for junk food is commonly the banana, which also is grown by big corporations on giant plantations, pushing local people off their land.

    Do i buy corporate Boca Burgers or do I buy the only thing produced locally... meat ? I'll have to choose the lesser of the evils.

    One thing I'd like to add is that an amazing amount of our food comes from China. Labels may not show country of origin. Some only show distribution source, which is just the importer. Some say "made in USA" but each ingredient could come from anywhere. Even whole foods such as grains may not accurately tell true country of origin, GM-status, or seed source (eg. Monsanto). We need better food labeling and, in my opinion, more strict food importation laws.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/16/09 16:31:03

    The only thing produced locally for you is meat? That sucks. We have a ton of local OG farms producing superlative veggies. Perhaps you could look into the state website to see if you have any in your area.

    Monsanto is not OG.

    Boca v real meat? That is a ridiculous notion and I refuse to honor that as the only options in life. I think you should not put that out there on a forum like this bc its harmful to those who may not take this into their own hands and CREATE great bbq options, like marinating their own tempeh or tofu, mushrooms or veggies, handmade vegburger and such. Don't posit false dualities.

    More food labeling is always a good idea though, something I have warned against Chinese products in the past here as well.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/16/09 16:33:08

    But the only thing is, you call for more product info, but seem to be slamming me for bringing info here. I think education is key, regardless of what you CHOOSE to do w the info. You can choose to ignore it, but others may choose to stop supporting such biz that kill animals regularly. Choices

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