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After years of battling myself, I'm finally making the transition into veganism this week for my overall health and body image and animal welfare. With my current state of beliefs, I was being hypocritical by not being vegan, but I'm afraid I'll be seen as a hypocrite by other members of the vegan community. I've been doing lots of research on vegan meals and I know that giving up some of my favorite foods won't be very hard, but problems lie elsewhere. I understand that as a vegan, you're not supposed to use any products that contain any part of an animal, but in my opinion, this is taken to the extremes. Obviously don't eat the basics, no meat, dairy, etc., but when something contains "less than 2% of some ingredient I've never heard of that comes from the bones of deceased animals," I feel like that's something I can let slide. Moving on to non-food items, I have many hundreds of dollars of cosmetics that I'm sure are all not vegan. (though I do believe the majority of it is)I am completely fine with buying strictly vegan cosmetics in the future, but I don't want to trash all the makeup I currently own. This goes for clothing as well. I'll be sure never to buy leather, fur, wool, etc. in the future, but I do own a few pieces of real leather now that I don't want to throw away. I didn't purchase any of them and one of them was just given to me a few days ago, so I don't see the harm in wearing it since I'm not the one who put my money into perpetuating animal cruelty. I've been reading that people are going so far as to say you need to make sure that every single product you ever touch has to be vegan and quite frankly, I think that's a little insane. I can't spend six hours in one store reading the ingredients of every toilet paper pack to make sure it doesn't contain some minute trace of an animal. In the future, I could see making sure that items that aren't purchased too often, such as bedding are vegan, but not thins such as toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. It's absolutely out of the question right now because I still live at home and my mom is the one who purchases everything besides my food and she is 100% against my decision to become vegan, so I don't want to be seen as a hypocrite for things that are out of my control or I see as crossing the line. Going back to the cosmetics, even if they contain vegan ingredients, I can't know 100% that the company doesn't test on animals, so I don't want to have guilt weighing over me for accidentally using something that's not vegan. The one debate that absolutely infuriates me is pet ownership. Having pets is a HUGE part of my life. With that said, all of my animals are adopted or taken directly from the homes of neglect. The only living creatures I purchase are insects from online, which are strictly captively bred, so it's not like they have any previous knowledge of what it's like to live in the wild. Some people are saying that if you choose to have a pet, it has to be on a vegan diet, which I think is ridiculous and unfair to the animal. I have two cats and cats are natural carnivores, so I'm not about to put them on a vegan diet. One of my cats has a disorder and requires a prescription diet, so how is that contradicting my choice to be vegan? My cat will die if he's not on this diet and the food doesn't even list any of its ingredients, which leads me to my last point. How am I supposed to memorize the list of thousands of ingredients that aren't vegan friendly? If I use something that has one of these ingredients without knowing, I don't want to be told I'm not a true vegan because of it. I mean no offense to anyone with this thread. These are just my personal beliefs and I'm trying to gain as much respect from the vegan community as I can.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 08/10/15 09:04:25

    First of all congratulations on making an awesome decision to become Vegan. By making the decision, you are saving the lives of countless animals, bettering your health and saving the environment. Once again congrats and thank you. My daughter has been vegan for a little over 3 years and she still has some of her cosmetics that are not vegan. I, on the other hand, do not have any cosmetics that are vegan. Although you seem to be happy making the choice you have made but are making excuses if you consume or use a product that's not vegan, claiming you don't want to read countless ingredients on every product you buy. Remember that a lot of companies now indicate on the products whether its vegan or not, but still some don't which they should. Also, there are countless and countless cosmetic companies that produce vegan products, and are really great to use. Take for instance, Urban decay has a huge selection of vegan items. Pacifica is vegan, Gabriel Cosmetics is vegan, many, and many others. Also, you have to consider, if you buy something that's not vegan and you claim it is the company's responsibility no to use the animal ingredients in their products, and you are innocent in this matter, remember that its all supply and demand. If you don't buy those products, and more and more people don't buy products containing animal ingredients, the demand will decrease putting them out of business or forcing them to become Vegan. It is all in our hands, the consumers. As far as your mother being 100% against the idea, you need to educate her because she does not know the facts, and if she ever has owned a dog or a cat or a bird - cows, chickens and pigs are not any different and that's being a hypocrite. Good luck to you and make the transition completely. I am one to believe that once you become Vegan, its isn't some supposed to be only what you eat but everything that you use in your life everyday, including household products and cleaners which I buy vegan also.

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