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I am going to london early december with a veggie friend. i am currently trying so hard to be vegan. darn you paneer!

anyway.... can anyone recommend somewhere central,near victoria or soho if possible, that is fairly cheap and quick but with lots of choice.

i dont want much do i lol

will get searching on here but its always nice to hear recomendations :D

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/22/08 17:43:44

    That got me thinking Mistress H. -

    How long are you going to be in London for?

    "Fairly cheap" - this is the tricky condition to satisfy for places in Central London!

    Victoria - tough one - the rents in that area are so high - I do not know of any good / affordable eating places there.

    You will be better off focusing on Soho.

    Bang in the middle of Soho - try VitaOrganic - it is usually excellent - - priced menu on their website.

    Just a few feet out of Soho is First Out - - short menu - worth at least one visit & not usually so crowded - again prices on the website.

    If you can wander a short distance from Soho up to Camden you will be spoiled for choice.

    Close friends of mine adore Inspiral Lounge -

    Also in Camden is Green Note - - priced menu on their site.

    Consider going to Marylebone High St. - it is just a few minutes away by either bus or tube from both Victoria & Soho - Eat & Two Veg never fails to please - - priced menu on their website.

    If you fancy a bit of an adventure travel a few stops further on the tube & try out - Bonnington Cafe - - a favorite of mine since the 80's - pre-booking is essential.


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