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I wish there was a site dedicated to Vegan only. I cannot stand dairy products. I cannot stand going into places and I ask for Vegan and they assume vegetarian. There is nothing compassionate about it you are still depriving life and sustenance from animals. Get over your addiction.
I do not know how to put this but it's like vegetarian is holding people back from attaining the benefits of a true plant-based diet because people start vegetarian and due to the health affects of dairy they do not attain maximum results and end up going back to their omnivorous delusions.

I feel like Vegetarian has been deliberately invented to blur the lines between Vegan and Vegetarian. So many restaurants and their employees confuse the two terms and so not only does it leave no room for Vegan but keeps our societies in an omnivorous craze. To put it bluntly. Eff off vegetarians you are in my way and I know I am not the only one who has felt this but I may be the only one with any balls to say something about it.

-Born Alone, Die Alone.

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 02/02/16 11:02:28

    It is vegetarian that keeps restaurants from having true Vegan options(cheeses, milks, sauces, etc) which makes Vegan seem plain and boring. It seems they are content to offer vegetarian only and simply delays true progress. Naah Mean?

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    Posted by Vegan Stickers at 02/04/16 10:20:52

    I can understand if someone is too young to work and pay for his food and have unsupportive parents. Another thing is that some people think being vegetarian is enough because they are unaware of the egg and dairy truth, we need to educate them,support them.
    But what makes me sad is those vegetarians who know the truth (or avoiding to be educated- in age of internet its really hard to stay uneducated,specially if one belongs to vegan forums or facebook groups..) but still choose to support it while creating weird justifications for "why i cant go vegan" :( To be honest i never understood that "baby steps" idea that most of vegetarians use to justify why they don't go vegan. Makes me wonder,how many steps is needed to feel compassion rather than value your taste buds?

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 02/05/16 17:49:05

    Thank-you for your response. I agree. I'm glad I'm not alone.
    Another great example is I have had trouble finding work and I went through a social support application and told my case worker that I am vegan and need help getting my own food and told him why I wanted to leave Canada and he goes
    "Its very common and easy to get vegetarian food these days you should not be having troubles"
    I almost burst in tears out of sheer frustration.

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