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Hello, I run a food program at a vegetarian friendly summer camp for kids and adults. I am looking for suggestions to set us apart from other camps and to help our vegetarian/vegan friends feel more at home.

I would like to get some advice on foods that the vegetarian crowd truly enjoys. I am looking more for suggestions on main dishes for lunch and dinner. I, presently, offer a full salad bar with plenty of fresh vegetables and vegetarian protein options. I am more interested in foods that can be served alone, without the accompaniment of a salad.

We serve app. 500 campers out of two different kitchens and two camps 3 meals a day. Our vegetarian count varies through out the year but I can expect to serve around 40 per meal. Most campers come for anywhere between 1-3 weeks and I am looking for variety of different offerings so I do not have to repeat many meals during our campers stay.

We also host adult groups like the Sierra Club and the National Leadership Conference which includes late high school and early college students and I am looking for a more adult friendly selection.

Thank you in advance.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/25/14 03:34:01

    You can find great V cookbooks at the local library and there are literally thousands of websites you can explore. You can find lots of great recipes right here on Happy Cow!

    May I suggest you go right to a vegan menu?

    Dairy products are arguably even worse for health than meat (which by the way includes fish, seafood, chicken, etc.)

    And while the dairy industry is not quite as harmful to the environment as the meat industry, it is still a major polluter, and dairy cows and their male calves, with rare exceptions, also go to the slaughterhouse.

    I applaud your work and wish you luck!

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    Posted by Matthew Fitch at 11/25/14 07:32:44

    Thank you for your response. I am, mainly, looking for some insight on what you, as an individual, like to eat. I have the cooking knowledge and experience to find recipes from cookbook or put something together but I am not a vegetarian. I enjoy fresh summer vegetable and lighter fare but I would like to know what vegetarians like to eat.

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    Posted by Veganoms at 12/10/14 01:47:23

    I personally enjoy food that is not masquerading itself as something it is not (processed mock meat, etc), this does not include veggie burgers or seitan unless it is referred to as "chicken-style" or whatever. But I digress... Focus on delicious vegan and vegetarian foods for what they are. I love roasted vegetable pizzas and pastas! I also love ethnic cuisines; they have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and are super flavorful: falafel, hummus, Ethiopian food, vegetable Indian curries, Thai food (sans fish sauce), etc.

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    Posted by urbanrajah at 12/10/14 23:19:12

    I shared some vegetarian food recipes like vegetable pakora, cashew nut & green pea and kale & pepper sabzi.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/11/14 04:26:21

    Vegetarians, and more importantly vegans, like to eat fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains, fungi (mushrooms). Especially if these foods are local, fresh and organically grown.

    You may not feel the need for cookbooks, but consider a book that not only tells one how to prepare food (or serve it raw), but one that offers nutritional advice and information such as the basic reasons for being vegan:

    Human health.

    The environment, including global warming.

    Conservation of resources (to reduce world hunger).

    Compassion for the animals that suffer and die at the hands of the meat and dairy industries.

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    Posted by nestpillmart at 01/16/15 20:04:09

    A decently adjusted vegan or veggie lover eating methodology can give numerous medical advantages, for example, a diminished danger of ceaseless infections, including:


    coronary conduit sickness



    a few sorts of tumor.

    Vegans and veggie lovers additionally have lower rates of disease and demise from various degenerative illnesses.

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    Posted by MarilynC at 01/17/15 16:54:05

    Stay with whole plant-sourced foods. Hearty soups are great whether chunky or blended, or a combination of both. Quinoa with a deliciously seasoned legume (beans or lentils) and chopped veggies is very satisfying and can be seasoned in a wide variety of ways. Another option is a potato (sweet or white) stuffed with veggies and/or beans, and of course veggie burgers are always good. Stay away from meat and cheese analogs - no one needs highly processed imitation meat or cheese. Zucchini pasta (spiral cut zucchini) is a fun alternative to regular pasta. Add a delicious marinara sauce or a pesto made without cheese (I use nutritional yeast) and you have a great meal.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 17:00:04

    Stuffed mushrooms with pesto quinoa are great and so easy to make. Cooked some quinoa, drain and stir in pesto sauce. Cook the mushrooms in the oven for about 20 mins in the ovens or until cooked through at 180c. Then stuff the mushrooms with the pesto quinoa then sprinkle some cherry tomatoes on top. Tastes great. I have some more recipes on my instagram @mygreendiaries (Harmeet) I upload daily. Hope that helps xxx

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