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I'm a vegetarian, but I participate in an intense contact sport. I think I am doing fine so far, dietwise, but if there is a specific regiment I should be following, I would like to follow it. Any known vegetarian in sports should keep up with diet effectively to set a good example, IMO. :)

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/14/07 06:16:21 & - research Dick Gregory to start with. Then Peter Burwash -

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    Posted by mars at 06/20/07 06:45:19

    You can look at Ruth Heinrich's website. She is a triatholon wizard. I am sure that you have your liquids covered.

    Sometimes it is hard to eat enough calories, so eating a number of times a day can help. also, if you are in a contact sport, you are doing a lot of re-building. I would grind up sesame seeds and sprinkle this on everything. Sesame seeds are extremely high in calcium. You can use the help.

    If you google vegetarian athlete, you will come up with a number of sites. Where their information connects, you should find some truth. Be sure to check out their "scientific" resources. I have found many of the articles are not peer-reviewed, nor are written by anyone with credentials.

    I am an MS in nutrition, a dietitian and vegan.

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    Posted by Krishnachandra at 06/21/07 07:53:11

    Thanks Johnny! Thanks Mars!

    I didn't know Sesame seeds had calcium; this is great to know. I'm assuming I can eat them in raw form as well.

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    Posted by gaia at 06/24/07 14:47:08

    my boyfriend frequently runs local triathalons (used to be div 1 swim) and is a veggie. he bulks up on plenty of nuts, seeds,oatmeal, quinoa, and beans in addition to fruits, veggies, and lowfat dairy.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/26/07 05:33:59

    Try this article -

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