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Hello everyone. I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years but felt guilty about eating meat for years leading up to that. I've been procrastinating veganism the same way I did with vegetarianism back then. The road to veganism is definetly a process for me and I'm quite proud of how close I'm getting. I no longer buy any animal products at home and I'm finding it easy to keep healthy out of the house since discovering a few vegan brands such as ilumi that do gluten free vegan pot noodles that I absolutely love! Also I'm big into raw vegan baking so always have a little something in my handbag. However my biggest downfall is when somebody offers me a cup of tea, I can't drink it black and i always seem to accept and end up drinking cows milk. Not only do I feel a bit guilty drinking it but it leaves me with a terrible bloated tummy (my tummy has felt much better since following a almost vegan diet) Any advice on powdered vegan milk with a long shelf life that I could carry in my handbag would be greatly appreciated. I drink unsweetened soy milk at home so anything with a similar taste to that. I'm also on the lookout for a vegan cheese, I've got my eye on a cashew and nutritional yeast blend which I've heard is meant to be yummy on top of meals as an alternative to hard cheese.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

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    Posted by Butch at 06/18/16 18:02:05


    You can buy vegan powdered milk on Amazon.

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    Posted by georgiab at 06/19/16 04:49:12

    hey there,
    i am a BIG tea drinker... i could write a lot about how much i love tea... but will get to the point.
    when i was vegetarian i had my tea, like you with milk...when i went vegan i knew i had to cut the milk... but black tea to my horror just was not the tea i loved... it thought i would never be able to enjoy it again. but i stuck with the black tea for about two weeks and you know what i just got used to it... and now i can't imagine drinking my tea with milk... I love black tea now... give it a go, i promise your taste buds will change in a really short time... so worth a couple of weeks of sub par tea to be free of milk..

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/14/16 09:45:31

    There is another alternative. Dried coconut milk is available in some health stores which is organic. In supermarkets the brand "Ayam" create a powdered coconut milk which when you add water creates a milk......this may be ok if sprinkled in tea. I would imagine it would go milky........may be worth trying, I may even try it myself! If you like the taste of coconut, this may be ok! Good luck!

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