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A friend of mine is wanting to become vegan but has some reservations. She said she knew a vegan but they had really bad breath and were borderline incontinent. Is this just a stereotype or do vegans need to be careful about mouth odour and the runs?

Honest answers only please.

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    Posted by Vegeplay2000 at 07/06/09 08:43:37

    Try running raw garlic, brussel sprouts, and kidney beans through your system.

    I've done it and it stinks.

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    Posted by Vegeplay2000 at 07/06/09 04:02:55

    Everybody, not just Vegans, need to be mindful of their odours and adjust their diet accordingly. Thankfully there are plenty of good vegan alternatives if certain vegafoods don't react well with your body.
    Are you a vegan? How do you smell?

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    Posted by Sigmund at 07/06/09 05:04:06

    I smell fine, or so I have been told. I tried cupping my hand and breathing into it, then sniffing my hand very quickly to try and catch what my breath smelled like, but there was no odor.

    The only reason I ask is because my friend seems convinced that pooey breath goes hand in hand with being a vegan. You know what I mean, like they haven't eaten and have a hungry stomach type poo smell.

    Just curious. No offense meant.

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    Posted by Kiran at 07/06/09 07:21:11

    I've never heard that one. If anything, its the omnivores with rotting flesh between their teeth (or worse, keitosis) who have the stinky breath.

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    Posted by SinEros at 07/16/09 04:58:18

    Well for starters its suppose to be a proven myth that Halitosis is not caused by the stomach! And sometimes its not the teeth/mouth either....There's not really a cure for people that suffer constantly and can't get rid it. Many aren't even sure what causes it (when its constantly reoccurring). Brushing/flossing won't help, etc....Its just something people live with, seriously!

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    Posted by funchy at 08/16/09 09:28:28

    If anything, vegans are said to have less BO. Our body chemistry is different. I've heard it said of me (and of other vegn women) that we smell and taste more sweet and fruity. It only makes sense that your body chemistry changes with diet.

    Meat-eaters also may eat alot of garlic or cabbage, so saying meat-eaters don't get garlic breath is incorrect. And if anything, when I got away from the over seasoned restaurant foods, I stopped consuming so much garlic anyway. When you give up meat, you often give up the oversized portions of commercially made pizza, the fake-garlic-flavored breadsticks, etc

    As a vegn I can tell you I can smell that meat odor on meat eaters following a meal. I really hate kissing a meat eater until they cleanse their palate or brush teeth.

    True bad breath may be from a gum infection or other problem. This has nothing to do with how little meat in the diet.

    Incontinence is NOT caused by lack of meat in diet, and that's the first time I heard of such a connection. Has this person seen a doctor?

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