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Hey friends! My sis created her own formula for individual vegan coffee creamers. You know how places like hotels, restaurants, planes, hospitals, etc only have individual creamer cups and there is never a vegan option? Now there can be! Please help my sis out!! :) :)

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    Posted by Jm1234 at 07/17/14 07:05:26

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 07/17/14 21:01:23

    hi Jm1234,
    Thanks so much for telling us about this. I've been wanting a product like this for years. Awesome!

    What will the product be called? Does she know if it will be made of soy, almond, coconut, rice or some other kind of milk? or a mixture?

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    Posted by Jm1234 at 07/18/14 07:22:00

    Thanks happycowgirl! The product was formulated by my sister and will be soy based. Once established, we plan on having coconut and almond creamers as well. Her company is called "Yo Soy."
    Thanks for the support! :) :)

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    Posted by Jm1234 at 07/18/14 07:24:45

    "Yo Soy" because it means "I am" in Spanish :)

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    Posted by kindlizard at 07/19/14 16:08:20

    the link didn't work for me...
    good luck though

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    Posted by Jm1234 at 07/19/14 22:26:58

    The links work for me :( search for it on kickstarter and you will find it :) thanks for the support!!

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