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Hello Happy Cows! :)

My name's Jess, I'm from London, England; for over 2 years I've been hosting & organizing social & community events in London.

I'm very proud of my events; I have many lovely friends & I'm always meeting great new people.

If you live in London, or the UK, or will be in London on November 1st, I hope you can join me down South of the River for a special event!

I'm celebrating 2 Years of The Brixton Vegan Walkabout, with a World Vegan Day Charity Auction & Dance Party!!!

The 'Walkabout' is a much loved & popular day out in Brixton, exploring the Vegan delights of the markets, hanging out at Vegan bakery, Ms Cupcake, then going to the Dog Star pub, or in nice weather, the lovely Brockwell Park.

Join me in Brixton for.......

*Special offers & free gifts

*An exciting Charity Auction, featuring fantastic Vegan Prizes!

*Rock & Roll dancing, lead by my friend Sarah Jane

*And a few surprises! :)

We will be supporting Animal Aid and Viva, plus Sarah Jane will be collecting for Brixton Foodbank!

There are 2 parts to this day; if you can make the whole event, great, but if you are running late or can't make ''The Walkabout'', do come straight to the Dog Star gone 2:30pm!

PART ONE > The regular Walkabout, with added freebies & discounts!

12:30pm; We gather outside Brixton Tube Station -- I'll have a flag & stickers!

Coming by bus? These are the buses that stop locally >> 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 250, 333

12:45pm(ish); We head to Brixton Station Road Market; there are many Vegan options, hot & cold, healthy & indulgent, from Lentil dishes, to fudge & truffles!

1:45pm; We will head to Ms Cupcake -- they are making a special Free cake for Walkabouters, so you better get there early! It will go quickly! :)

PART TWO > The Vegan Charity Auction & Dance Party

2:30pm; time to go to the Dog Star & get settled -- the party is up two flights of narrow stairs, in The Ballroom!

There will be an eclectic play-list of music, with a chance to do rock & roll dancing with my friend Sarah Jane; they now offer Vegan Pizza options as standard & Vegan beer/cider is available (exact details & extra things TBC)

I will have posted a list of some auction items prior to the event; I will accept sealed bids--some of you may not be able to stay for the auction OR some people may not have been able to attend at any part of the day so, you may email me, or hand me a sealed bid in an envelope & any successful sealed bidders will be emailed/phoned by me!

3:30pm; Rock & Roll dancing with my friend Sarah Jane! :)

4:30pm; The main event-- the auction!! Come prepared to bid bid bid!! Should be great fun, especially if people get carried away in the spirit of things!! :)

I hope the auction will be very exciting; I hope to have affordable & high end auction prizes, so everyone can afford something special!! :) I really would love this to be a memorable, fun event, followed by more drinks, pizza & dancing!

6:30ish; If you can, follow some of us to Brixton tube station for a half hour 'trip' to Wood Green; my friend Sean (Fat Gay Vegan) is hosting a special World Vegan Day, Vegan Drinks, so this is going to be a great, long Vegan Party day!!

I look forward to hosting the 2 year Walkabout party & raising lots of money for Vegan charities!!

See you soon South of the River, home of many Vegan Delights!

RSVP here >
London Vegan Meet Up

Or here >

I look forward to meeting everyone!
All the best,
Jess :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/06/14 06:00:59

    Good for you!

    Reminds me that, with all Britain's problems, you were a century ahead of the US when it comes to vegetarianism and animal rights...

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