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I would like to open a discussion about bread ingredients in different places worldwide.

i was living few years in Chile, at the beginning, unable to express myself, believing that the bread is ok, i ate it.
after a while, i understood that almost all comercial bread in Chile is made with an animal fat, leftovers of the meet that is packed and used as margarine.

i would like to share it and to warn and also ask if anybody can tell on his country if the bread is vegan or vegetarian.


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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/12/15 06:55:41

    Different countries have different rules for labeling food products. And producers may not be honest even if you ask them what they use in their products.

    To be 100% sure, you may want to bake your own breads or buy from people you know personally.

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    Posted by cherryblossom153 at 03/14/15 00:01:29

    The bread in Germany is vegan most of the time! Especially dark rye bread is safe but you can always read the ingredients :)

    Unfortunately I have seen bread in the US that often contains milk and honey!

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