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I got 75%, so it's not very good. I am confused by some questions and there is no in dept answers on this site, so I thought this would be the page for answers and help. Thank you.

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/10/07 11:47:41

    I cant believe zou didnt catch that up, quiz is on your profile page, on your avatar picture and says "VegIQ-Test me" and than it shows how much % youre right, i dont know if people with avatar pic can see it.

    So every cheese isnt vegeterian? Youre telling me that I ate calf's stomach all the time?

    Yeah, it helps, thenk you very much.

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    Posted by webmaster at 09/20/07 00:54:00

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/08/07 08:01:04

    OK, lets get into it. What is "Rennet in cheese" and why cant vegeterian eat it?

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/08/07 08:07:15

    Sorry for double post. What is Hijiki and Wakame?
    I dont get how is it ok for vegan to eat oyster mushroom?

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    Posted by Euphoria at 09/09/07 02:51:05

    What was the quiz? Can you post a website?

    Rennet is most definetly not vegetarian. It's basically calf's stomach boiled in brine and they use it to bind the cheese together. Depending where you live, you can buy vegetarian cheese which replaces the meat rennet with a vegetable based alternative, although it is rather expensive. Some goats cheese does not contain rennet.

    Oyster mushrooms are just a type of mushroom. They're the most common mushroom here in Thailand. They are named oyster simply for their shape.

    Hijiki and wakame are both used in Japanese foods, I've never used hijiki personally though. They are both forms of seaweed so perfectly veg.

    Hope that helps.

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    Posted by Joe at 09/23/07 07:19:38

    I did

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