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Here's my own experience. I was 50lbs overweight scary blood tests etc etc...So I decided to go meatless and then vegetarian...This concurrently affirmed by love of the animal rights movement,

Two life changing decisions on the journey for me:

1. I found a personal physician who is a vegan MD ! I can't recommend this change enough - I feel empowered and am learning so much about diet as medicine...In all honesty: I look forward when I have my annual physical

2. I volunteer at animal sanctuary. Seeing how beautiful and gentle cows, goats pigs and the like in open space is profound...The people who run the sanctuary are incredible too and I feel blessed that I can take part in a few hours of work on the farm when I can...In all honesty, this is really powerful therapy for me to be with animals in a place of such compassion, care, and warmth..

In any event, I strongly recommend both additions to your life, if possible !!!

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    Posted by VeganVegabond at 08/11/16 17:35:51

    Of course I did go 100% vegan but now fully understanding that lifestyle change in partnership with my vegan MD

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/14/16 08:49:29

    Congratulations on making such a positive change in your life. I am struggling to find a vegetarian or vegan Md here in Oz. Most Drs here are not vego and most of the dietitians still prefer to stick to the traditional food pyramid. Did your Md provide a special eating plan for your weight loss? How did having a vegan Md differ from a non vegan Md?

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    Posted by VeganVegabond at 08/14/16 19:13:18

    There is so much to say in response - my doctor did not prescribe a particular diet. He is very much about eating tasty plant based foods, assisting me with supplementation (which he does himself and recommended to me - B12, Vitamin D, and pea based protein powder).

    My physicals involve all the typical things blood pressure, blood work, vaccinations etc. And then we discuss diet and ideas for new things to eat.

    I have had NO ill effects since becoming vegan a year ago. But I love learning about new scientific insights into the positive health effects of various foods - my doctor reads everything and will even email me rigorous studies confirming, for example, the importance of leafy greens. So I'm mindful to eat my spinach!

    There's so much new science on food that it's wonderful to have a doctor so engaged and passionate in this way.

    So far I'm very lucky as my blood work has only been positive and I feel great.

    Perhaps though it's the different rapport - a doc who gets me and wants to listen to me - rather than just treat me that I appreciate the most.

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    Posted by VeganVegabond at 08/14/16 19:28:33

    ChiaChild - This list of plant based medical practitioners includes several doctors from Australia:

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/15/16 05:51:39

    Thanks Vegan Vegabond For the link I will check it out! Took the vegan pledge today to try it out for 30 days! My body screams at me when I Consume dairy and I do not eat meat anymore so I think it's time!

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    Posted by VeganVegabond at 08/15/16 13:46:14

    ChiaChild - awesome! Enjoy dairy-free - my current favorite non dairy products that are staples in my fridge:

    1. Pacific Vanilla Hemp Milk (IMO best in smoothies, oatmeal, brown rice porridge, etc)

    2. Daiya shredded mozzarella and pepper jack ( kicked up with Sriracha)..Great on pizza!!!

    3. This one is dangerous but amazing as I'm prone to eat the whole thing in one sitting :)
    Ben and Jerry's dairy free chunky monkey

    4. Orgain vanilla bean protein powder - packed with protein and nutrients - and makes smoothies even creamier and delicious !!!

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