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I've been trying to go vegitarian. Everytime I try to cut out the meat by the end of the day I have the shakes. Like when I quit smoking lol. So weird. I quit the milk easily though. Any advice from any one willing to give it would be appreciated.

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    Posted by Martial.Epicurus at 02/14/13 02:55:56

    Going cold turkey (no pun intended) can be difficult for a lot of people. I stopped eating meat immediately and didn't go back because I was disgusted that much. It really helps to have something to fill that void. There are tons of imitation meat products though I know they're not available for everyone. Try out a few recipes. A lot of people that switch seem to cook more on their own.

    Eating well-balanced meals should help. As long as your body gets the nutrients it needs and you're satisfied with the taste of your food, I don't see any problems. The next time you try to make the switch, plan your meals for the next few days (or weeks) and incorporate snacks because you're bound to get cravings. Planning is very important for most veg*ns. However, packing a salad or slicing and bagging some fruit isn't so difficult, it just has to become a habit. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

    Best of luck with your journey!

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    Posted by vegebald at 02/26/13 01:23:11

    I've been vegetarian for 37 years, vegan for the past 29 years and WHEN I EAT THE WRONG FOODS I GET THE SHAKES TOO! The shakes are caused by blood sugar spikes from the food you eat and from metabolism changes (metabolism changes occur as well when you stop smoking). I NEVER get the shakes when I stay away from foods that trigger them. I've gotten them so bad that I have passed out two different times, both while driving, both after having a big meal full of wheat/pasta and sugar. Try to minimize your wheat intake, and if you do eat wheat try to make it sprouted (Ezekial bread) and whole. I switched to rice tortillas. I switched to rice pasta. I NEVER eat commercial cane sugars, xylitol is the ultimate sweetener because it combats Yeast, Fungus, and Mold body invaders. I rarely eat potatoes nowadays, but when you do make sure they're mixed with vegetables. I minimize ALL grains now. There are reasons for this that I'm an expert at but won't go into detail here, you can contact me for more info. I now stay away from fake vegetarian meats because most of them will cause the shakes. My one vice is Tofurkey italian sausage, but when mixed with the wrong foods, I have to take a probiotic for it to digest correctly. I NEVER eat pancakes anymore, but if I did I would be very careful of the syrup I put on it...would consider pure maple syrup, but very little of it. Switch to Buckwheat pancakes for better results. Better yet, learn to eat dinner items for breakfast as traditional breakfast items typically aren't healthy. I've really had to make serious changes in my eating habits over the years and am glad to report that I've got it down to a science and it can be tough, but the rewards are worth it! Imagine knowing that you'll never get heart disease, that your immune system will stay stronger, your energy levels increase, and the likelihood of contacting diseases like cancer heavily reduce.

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    Posted by AL Langkilde at 03/04/13 18:12:32

    I am finding it hard to go vegan not because of wanting to eat meat or dairy but with being with someone who does not support me. Its hard because when you are trying to instill the vegan life style to your children he goes and buys ice cream or pizza its annoying and i just want to leave this relationship and start fresh where ill know that we all choose what we want without negative concequences any advice on how to deal with the satan in my life

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    Posted by AL Langkilde at 03/04/13 18:14:09

    oh i forgot that if the pizza has meat on it my kids wont eat it so i guess that is something

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/04/13 21:08:28

    @ AL langkilde It is good that you are trying to raise your kids vegan. At least you have taught them that animal flesh is bad. It sounds like your marriage can't be worked out which sometimes happens. If you do think things can still be worked out try to get him to go vegan. I don't think you should just leave the kids without a father. I think once you dump him you should try to stay with other vegans that you know.(not dates because with dating stuff doesn't always work out, we don't want father figures going in and out of there lives. That way your children will still have a father figure) Obviously long term your going to want to have a permanent father for them.
    Still date just don't live with the date until you are 100% sure your going to want to marry him. Don't rush things.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/13 06:33:37

    The best things in life sometimes require some effort.

    For me, becoming a vegetarian and then a vegan were the most intelligent things I've done in my 71 years.

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