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Why are Chinese language Forum Topics consistently taking up the front page of Happycow's Forum?

They seem to arrive in groups of 5 so as to get free advertising, completely controlling the Happycow front web page.

Why are Chinese language Forum Topics repetitive and dominating?

I have seen the same thing submitted multiple times.

Why are Chinese language Forum Topics submitted in many discussion groups, each time the same rhetoric with language software that inserts computer symbols and Chinese cuneiform in a confused manner?

This makes me feel that there is a fundamental disrespect for other races, languages and individuals who regularly read and submit to the Happycow Forum.

I am quickly loosing respect for the Chinese community if they think this is a successful way to win at free advertising and racial dominance.

Shame on the immoral individuals who are trying to take advantage of this community resource.

They need manners, one submission is enough on the narrow topics they submit.

It is almost like a spam torrent.

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    Posted by eric at 03/14/17 04:17:27

    Hi Star- it's Korean, not Chinese, and very strange. When translated the messages don't even make sense. We're looking into it and recording IPs. Hopefully we'll have it handled soon. No need to engage with them, don't believe it will help.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/14/17 05:09:30

    Thank you Eric, you are the best! I love Happycow and was saddened to see any problem.

    I like Chenese and Korean people, I just thought I could get them to do something because they have pride in their culture.

    With you at the helm, I know everything is alright.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/14/17 05:24:06


    I saw both Chinese and Korean language symbols on different days, I know the difference very well having studied Mandarin. I also saw communist symbols on one occasion making me think it was a hack from mainland China.

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