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Hello! I'm new to Happy Cow and have been living a plant-based diet for about 8 weeks now and feel great! I'm experimenting with different recipes and am looking for a tofu brand that tastes very mild, without the "nutty" taste. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!

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    Posted by Libra77 at 09/30/16 22:20:44

    Glad you're feeling great and gave made the change :) I'm not in the US so can't suggest a brand unfortunately. But I would definitely recommend getting a tofu press, mine has made all the difference.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/23/16 14:48:55

    I use only organic tofu and find it's flavor very pleasant.

    The best is freshly made tofu, which can be found at some stores, especially in bigger cities. Back in the late '70s my roommates girlfriend created organic home-made tofu and it was delicious!

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    Posted by Ana.J at 11/04/16 09:46:52

    I like spicy tofu with herbs and chili peper

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    Posted by tooyoungtopolka at 11/12/16 00:29:16

    I am a big fan of Wildwood brand.

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    Posted by ccaatt at 11/30/16 23:56:48

    Hmm...I usually buy for consistency rather than taste. It's kind of slim pickings at our local grocery store but when we want something a little firmer (like for stir fry) we go with Nasoya Extra Firm. It's organic and doesn't break up super easily. I haven't really detected a lot of nuttiness, but I don't have a lot of variety to choose from. The only other option at the store we usually go to is that Mori-nu silken stuff which I am not a fan of.

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    Posted by GustavoWoltmann at 12/10/16 00:42:41

    Hello I'm new here too and looking forward for a changed. I also started becoming vegetarian this year because of my wife. She's a very healthy and never get sick. I want to try it and here you go 5 months already what a great change. For the Tofu suggestion, my friend from Panama gave me this brand of Tofu and I really loved it. You should try it.
    Taifun tofu, available at many health food stores. They come in different shape (sausages, fillets, terrine and blocks of tofu) and flavours (smoked, curry-mango, olives, tofu Rosso or basil). Some publisher say that they are so tasty they can be eaten raw, straight from the pack! It is a bit pricy but the taste is fabulous.

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    Posted by Veg4Life75 at 07/11/17 16:44:12

    Why mess with tofu when there is the Beast Burger and Beyond Burger??? I would not recommend tofu at all, I'm not a big fan and it's only good if prepared just right, usually by a restaurant.

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    Posted by happah10 at 09/05/17 00:28:26

    Because those burger products are not exactly healthy and are high in calories, fat and sodium. Not to mention expensive. They're tasty and fine for an occasional treat but tofu is much healthier for you even when you factor in high calorie sugary marinades and sauces.
    It doesn't have to be professionally prepard, you just have to learn how to do it. Its not hard.

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