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For all my life i've loved meat, but recently i've been heartbroken by videos i've seen on PETA...
I had no idea the cruelty that took place. And i hav made a 30 day pledge to explore the Vegetarian World. I joined this site, hopeful to find ppl that would support me through these 30 days. As i do not know anyone that's a vegetarian.
So im not quite sure wat to do, it sounds stupid i know, but...Being Vegetarian is more than just scraping the meat off ur plate and eating wats left right?
plz leave ur comments...


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    Posted by shearwater at 12/22/09 19:50:42

    Congratulations for trying vegetarianism Liv! When I went veggie I didn't know any other veggies either. I just had people warning me I was ruining my health, so it was a bit scary. But going vegetarian (and later vegan) is the best decision I ever made. I feel healthier and have more energy now than I did 23 years ago. I also feel good about not being part of the system that's torturing and killing billions of animals every year, raping the environment, and driving food costs out of reach of the world's starving and malnourished. Meanwhile many of those who warned me all those years ago are now overweight, out of shape, take medications regularly, and get sick a lot. Hopefully your 30 day trial becomes a lifelong success story!

    I believe there are two important elements to being a successful veggie:

    1) Eat healthy foods! Vegetarian and vegan diets are definitely healthier. You just have to eat smart. A lot of great athletes are vegan. We tend to age better too. You are right to say it's about more than just scraping meat off your plate. It's about understanding nutrition and eating a healthy variety (veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes & nuts - and any animal-free supplements you feel you need, like a multi-vitamin).

    There are a lot of great websites and books that can help. [ & are both excellent and will even send you free vegetarian starter kits - has good info for teens] And remember, good health is also about exercise, sleep, fresh air, not smoking....... A healthy lifestyle is not as hard as some people make it seem and living healthy makes for a more successful veggie. A vegan who lives on junk food, sodas, and cigarettes may care about animals but isn't as likely to enjoy the long-term health benefits.

    2) The other thing is to go veggie for the right reasons, which you seem to be doing, so you stick with it. Because I believe it's wrong to harm others, including animals, I have no desire to "cheat." Why dolphin-safe tuna? Why not tuna-safe tuna? I love birdwatching. So why would I eat turkey for the holidays. When animals become friends you no more want to cause suffering and death to one than you would to a human friend.

    Please keep asking for advice and seeking answers here and elsewhere. Also feel free to private message me anytime if you have questions or want some support. I do my best to encourage people who are trying to improve themselves, conditions for animals, and this world (or any other world for that matter). I'd enjoy hearing how your 30-day trial goes too. Good Luck!

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    Posted by lmzeigler at 01/01/10 09:10:39

    Congrats Liv! I really think you have given yourself a wonderful gift! Once people's eyes open to the truth about how animals are abused and exploited in food production it's hard not to be shocked into making a change. It really is horrific, and the animals are so innocent.

    I agree with the advice of the above poster. I've heard so many former vegetarians and vegans say they tried it but had to stop because they were always hungry or felt they weren't getting enough ___ (fill in the blank--protein, calcium, calories, etc.) There's an easy solution to this--if you're hungry, eat! If you're worried about your nutrients, just make sure you eat a varied diet and don't live off junk food--good advice for veggies and non-veggies alike!

    My other advice is to load up on information. PETA is a great resource, and there are so many others. If you do podcasts, PLEASE download Colleen Patrick Goudreau's Compassionate Cooks: Food For Thought podcast. I have found this to be the single best resource out there. Amazing. For recipes, check out I have discovered, since going vegan, so many wonderful foods I didn't even know existed! I love cooking now because veggie food is AWESOME! It's definitely not about scraping meat off the plate and eating the leftovers! And for cold-hard facts about animal agriculture, nutrition, the impact of meat on the environment and other major issues, check out some books: Diet for a New America, Skinny Bitch, and Becoming Vegan are a few good ones. You may find as you tell people about your experiment with going veggie that they hassle you about it or criticize it. I have found that it is helpful to become knowledgable on the issues so you can respond to the critics.

    Enjoy! You are really doing something great for youself and the animals! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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