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It seems I have developed a severe allergy to sulfites and the reaction is anaphylactic attacks or in plain language, throat swells shut. It means an emergency room visit every time it happens. I am now informed that sulfites are used as a preservative especially in raw fruits and vegetables especially in salad bars. Yes, my favorite vegetarian restaurant was finally connected to the attacks. It is also used in pre-cut fresh vegetables but evidently does not need to be listed on package because they are only washed in it and are not a part of the food itself! I would like any help or information on this situation. Fresh flowers are also treated in this way for long shipment. snafu! Any help out there? Aardy

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    Posted by peanut at 02/15/08 16:35:49

    how about organic food stands or just organic foods?? they shouldn't be sprayed w/ anything

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