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Hi everyone! I'm in the UK.

I'm following a gluten-free, low FODMAP diet for a few weeks to see what happens. Does anyone have any suggestions for meals I can eat, that's tasty (I've included a link to things that are supposed to be avoided)? I love spicy food by the way, and I like herbs (particularly oregano but it's not very cheap). (FODMAP link: fodmapdietrecipes.blogspot.co.uk/p/fodmap-diet-food-list.html)

I'm also a vegan. And I'm on a careful budget, and buying frozen and tinned and dried (e.g. dried herbs) rather than fresh as I tend to end up forgetting about fresh and wasting it, which is a waste of money. I'm also trying, as far as practical, to avoid processed things, though I am allowing myself fortified almond milk for some calcium.

So far I've thought of:

- My own version of Uncle Ben's rice (only without any garlic or onion): Basically rice mixed with tinned tomatoes in tomato juice, mixed herbs, and perhaps some peppers. I previously was adding garlic but that's out the window for this diet.

- A sort-of chili (with rice): Tinned tomatoes in tomato juice, cumin powder, herbs, and paprika, with rice.

- A weird stiry fry (with rice): Mixed peppers, green beans, and spinach, with cumin and paprika, but I'm not sure what to use for a "sauce"; black bean has pulses and isn't cheap anyway, tomato will transform the flavour into something that doesn't taste like a stir fry, soy sauce is made from pulses (soya beans), but do you think mustard would work in a stir fry?

And that's basically it for meals unless I add a bit of sunflower spread or Vitalite to some cooked spinach and green beans and carrots, and have it with rice to make it more filling.

So any meal ideas? :D Also avoiding potato! Yes this may sound crazy, but there are reasons, and it's for a few weeks. Then again, I might risk some chips but not sure what to put with them to make them filling.

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    Posted by LionSpirit at 07/21/16 03:48:39

    Never mind, I made this :) veganibs.simplesite.com/

    It's got a list of things I figured out to eat on it, in UK anyway :)

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