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Hi guys,
So the gist of it is i need some support from fellow vegans. I dont know a single other vegan with whom i can talk about the the issues/ recipies and such.I have been mostly vegan for 2 years except i still make some bad choices involving cheese. I really would like to get more involved in activism and stick to a strict vegan diet to get healthy and feel like some support would help me do so. Where do you guys get involved with other vegans at?

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 04/16/16 04:22:06

    Have you tried There are vegan meetup groups happening all over the U.S. and beyond. I joined one last year in my city and have gone to five social gatherings so far. They are an awesome way to meet other vegans! We are out there, believe me, it's just hard to advertise that you are a vegan on the street you know? Even if there is not a vegan meetup in your city, there might be one in a neighboring city.

    Another way to meet vegans and get involved in activisim is to join Vegan Outreach. This is what I did in 2013-2014. I went online and became a member, and was given a contact list for vegans in my city who were members and phone numbers to Vegan Outreach Coordinators. With a lot of phone support, I was able to start leafleting on my own in my city. I leafleted three colleges and two high schools, and tabled at another private college. I also leafleted downtown twice, once during a parade. You do have to pay for your first order of leaflets, and you report to the group what you leafleted, how much, where etc. When they see that you are committed, they start sending you free leaflets and other materials to use. I had thousands of free leaflets and other literature given to me by them. I would go to my nearest UPS center and pick up boxes of leaflets they would mail (all for free).

    Leafleting and getting active for the animals actually saved my life. I was anorexic, deathly thin, and struggling a lot. I knew I needed to get better and I fought hard to do so. Leafleting helped me get out of my skin, gain self confidence (I have social anxiety disorder), and actually try harder to gain weight because I was out there representing the vegan movement and I didn't want to be so sick. I was able to let go of fears and gain self confidence and a voice. I also felt good that I was doing something to help animals. I met so many people leafleting and tabling. When I tabled I had more of a chance to talk to people one on one about veganism. I rarely if ever encountered hostility. Sometimes people turned down the leaflets but I never pushed them. I moved on to the next person. I learned it wasn't personal and not about me. I never had help other than on the phone and long distance communicating with coordinators and some of the vegan outreach experts who had been doing it a while. they helped me with laws about free speech and where best to leaflet etc. It is very easy to join vegan activist organizations and get involved. You don't have to live near one. Chances are there are other members living near you too.

    Activism can also be as simple as asking management at a local grocery to start including some vegan product, for example, SoDelicious products or WestSoy Tempeh. I did this a lot my first few years because I couldn't find anything lol. And they did too, they added more vegan products I asked for to the shelves. Start a MeetUp group yourself if there isn't one.

    As far as getting healthier, eat out far less, stick to more whole plant foods, really take the time to learn to cook and/or prepare plant foods. It will open up worlds as far as what to eat that is satisfying and healthy. You won't miss crap food. For example, I love to make cauliflower almond milk "alfredo" with a few spices like marjoram, garlic powder, and frech onion. I add a few blanched almonds to the blender to help thicken it. I use this over baked potatoes, or pasta or veggie dishes. Bean dips and spreads are awesome too. Another thing that helps me eat healthier is to focus on eating 40-50% of my daily food raw. I eat a large amount of produce, a serving or two of seeds and one serving of something nut based or avocado. I also soak and sometimes sprout some grains like oat groats or buckwheat groats or barley seeds. I never feel cravings or like I need more more more when I eat this way. But I still get my calorie and nutrition needs met and really enjoy eating without stressing about food. I love cooked foods like soups, beans, oatmeal, sweet potatoes too. So this provides a good balance for me. You have to take the time to find a style that works for you. Getting more physically active also helps motivate one to take care of their body so they have the energy, muscle, stamina etc to do activities. I'm going mountain biking later this morning, and just polished off whole wheat toast with hummus, and a bowl of organic strawberries and two oranges. :)

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    Posted by SalesThruSmiles at 04/25/16 11:35:46

    Read How No To Die by Dr Micheal Greger and check out his

    also Youtube has some great channels on veganism and a great vegan community. You can just do a vegan search on youtube and explore, or check out Bite Size Vegan, Freelee the Banana Girl, Happy Healthy Vegan, Mr and Mrs Vegan, or some of the many others to find someone you like and can relate to.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 20:59:57

    Volunteer at veg*n festivals, use, take yoga classes (try to go for a more authentic studio rather than hot yoga), volunteer with animals or the environment.

    Cheese was a big thing for me too, but now I can't even eat it without stomach terrors (thank God for little favors)...and the longer I'm vegan the less I care. I do like Daiya, on saucy vegan pizzas, or melted on certain sandwiches. Otherwise I dealt with it with creamy fatty foods like avacado, guacamole, olive oil, tahini, and hummus. I learned to make salad dressing at home and assure that the fat is part of the issue. ALSO...Omega 3s, supposedly when craving cheese you might want to use some flax oil or chia seeds in tofu, or drink fortified Silk soy milk with the DHA, or drink hemp milk.

    If you ate a lot of cold raw cheese, try olives and avacado with an oily dressing, or spring for the fancier nut cheeses, which cost more but can be eaten plain on crackers.

    I also learned to make a nutritional yeast pasta sauce.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 21:05:36

    On YouTube also check out Vegan Zombie and Sexy Vegan.

    I advise you to avoid Freelee the Banana Girl at all costs

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    Posted by SadVeggie at 08/10/16 10:26:04

    I'm a vegetarian but feel free to talk to me about anything, I love cooking and finding new recipes to try so I'm happy and open to talk about anything :)
    I understand the need for support from other similarly minded people... I also eat raw vegan twice a week so I'd happily flick you any recipes I find good too!

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