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Are there any other vegans/vegetarians out there who are deployed, and finding it difficult to get enough food without animal products in them?

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    Posted by Wolfmoon at 04/20/16 10:46:25

    Hi there, I am in South Africa, one of the biggest meat-eating countries in the world. When I first came here as a vegan, I really had to spend quite some time reading the ingredients list carefully to avoid animal products. What type of difficulties are you exactly facing? Maybe I can help?

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    Posted by Peteyisahappycowdog at 04/27/16 02:59:57

    Hello, Well its just that because Im living on a military base, we can only eat at the cafeteria and they include animal products in everything. We cannot go grocery shopping or to restaurants, like I would at home. So the choices are all pre prepared foods, and that are limited for a vegan. I find that I pretty much just eat rice or raw salads and that's about all there is to eat.

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    Posted by Wolfmoon at 04/27/16 08:16:54

    Hmm... yup, makes it a bit harder, I guess. No chance to order online as well? What about finding out if there are other vegans/vegetarians at the base and, as a group, ask admin to provide some veggie meals? At the company I work there was hardly any 100% vegan foods so I was pretty much doing like you are doing now, but I bugged admin and got together with a few more veggie people and now we have a few more options. Could it work there?

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    Posted by WhatDoYouEatThen at 12/31/16 10:11:17

    But all those Veg M.R.E.s tho !!

    sorry, I had to

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    Posted by EvaVeggie at 01/05/17 22:29:20

    Bite Size Vegan did a very interesting video/interview about this topic:

    Good luck to you!

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